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2M8PLD 8x Laser Beam Floor Intrusion Detector

  • 8x laser detectors
  • 61″ in. tall
  • Guard distance 0 ~ 500m/1640.42ft
  • Product size (LxWxH) 60 x 80 x 1550 (mm)/2.4” x 3.1” x 61” (in.)
  • Protection class IP67
  • Laser light source: Type A/Class Ⅰ


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2M8PLD 8x Laser Beam Floor Intrusion Detector


  • 8x laser detectors
  • 61″ in. tall
  • Laser wave length: 650nm, 808nm, 980nm
  • Guard distance 0 ~ 500m/1640.42ft
  • Working voltage DC10-30V or  AC220V (customized)
  • Product size (LxWxH) 60 x 80 x 1550 (mm)/2.4” x 3.1” x 61” (in.)
  • Alarm time 2s ± 1s (1-30s optional)
  • Response time 5ms-500ms (five gears adjustable)
  • Working environment -40°C to 70°C
  • Protection class IP67
  • Laser light source: Type A/Class Ⅰ
  • Designed for military level projects it is a perfect solution for public security system
  • The housing is made with a 2.5mm thick stainless steel which is available in either of two grades 304 or 316. This material offers corrosion resistance, strength, and easy maintenance.
  • These perimeter detectors can be customized in terms of height of the guard, the number of beams and the surface spraying process according to a customer’s requirements.
  • Each beam uses different frequencies to independently identify and receive laser signals. This helps avoid external environmental interference and laser beam cross-talk caused by omission which can cause a false alarm.
  • Optical path stability: Patented laser module technology is quick with convenient dimming, features a self-locking function to ensure the stable operation of the equipment
  • An audio/visual alarm warning system is optional
  • Long-lasting durability

Detection Ranges Available:

Model Number Detection Range
2M8PLD-100 100m/ 328ft
2M8PLD-300 300m/1146ft
2M8PLD-500 500m/1911ft
Dimensions 2.4 × 3.1 × 61 in
Detector Height

45" inches and up



Ingress Protection


Model 2M8PLD-100 2M8PLD-300 2M8PLD-500
Laser Wave Length 650nm 808nm 980nm
Detect Range 100m/ 328ft 300m/ 1146ft 500m/ 1911ft
Guard Distance 0 – 500m / 0 – 1640ft
Working Voltage DC12V +- 10%

Product Size

60mm (L) x 80mm (W) x 1550mm (H) 2.36in (L) x 3.14in (W) x 61in (H)
Alarm Time 2s ± 1s (1-30s optional)
Response Time 5ms-500ms (five gears adjustable)
Working Environment Temperature -40 to 70 °C / -40 to 158 °F
Protection Class IP67
Laser Light Source Type A safety laser light source, class I
Material 304 or 316L Stainless Steel
Alarm Alarm response time is adjustable in five levels


Imported semiconductor laser from Germany service life up to 10 years