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2M Technology 2MWT-IIID Walk-through Metal Detector (DISCONTINUED)

  • Remote control (optional)
  • Traffic and resultant alarm counters
  • Tamper proof
  • Indoor use only

Product Documents

The 2MWT-300A Walk-through Metal Detector has 6 pinpoint zones to precisely identify multiple locations from head to toe and can update to 12 and 18 pinpoint zones. This device has an adjustable sensitivity from 0-300 to detect objects as small as a paperclip (high sensitivity) to items as big as guns, knives, etc. (low sensitivity). It also has advanced broadband detection technology to detect ferrous and non-ferrous articles and bypass metals in belts, buttons and shoes. Operating frequencies can be adjusted to eliminate interference from X-ray units, radios and other electrical items.


  • Remote control (optional)
  • Traffic and resultant alarm counters
  • Tamper proof
  • Indoor use only
  • Harmless to pregnant women and pacemakers
  • Can connect to a computer, camera, turnstile, etc.
Weight 209.45 lbs
Zone Options 6-12-18 zones options
Operation Keyboard and remote control
LED Lights 4
Display LCD
Pinpoint Zones 6 to identify multiple target locations head to toe
Tracking Traffic and alarm counters that calculate traffic flow and resultant alarms
Alarm Audible and Light Alerts
Adjustable Sensitivity From Level 0 to 300 High
Tamper Proof Yes
Operating Frequencies Adjustable
Distance Mix distance between two Walk-thorough: 0.3 meters at low sensitivity, 0.5 meters at high sensitivity
Safety Harmless to pregnant women and heart pacemakers
Electrical Current AC215V~230V; 50/60Hz
Power 35W
Work Environment -20°C~+45°C
Gross Weight 95 kg
Outer Frame 2220(h) x 820(w) x 522(d) (mm)