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2M Network Video Recorders
Name of iPhone and Android App 2M Guard
Ports to forward 80, 554
NVR and IP Cameras default Username admin password 123456
User Manual goo.gl/k8Vqek
2M Guard App Guide goo.gl/AhvJhq
Guard P2P Cloud Setup goo.gl/zXSbnt
YouTube Playlist goo.gl/HUxCHW
2M IPC Tool goo.gl/1hbyLY
How to Install 2M Station on PC https://youtu.be/lktH74qp0Eg 
How to Connect using P2P https://youtu.be/hz57PyoIdKs
2M Station Software goo.gl/17KJCSh


2M DigitalVideo Recorders
Default Username admin
Password 123456
Iphone Android App Name 2M Live Pro
Ports to Por forwarding HTTP(TCP): 80 • TCP: 8000 • UDP: 8001 • RTSP(TCP): 554
User Manual .goo.gl/7iWjBc
2M Guard App Guide goo.gl/AhvJhq
P2P Connection Guide (QR Code Scanning for remote connection): goo.gl/nVUDAQ
VMS Windows Software goo.gl/sp1qBh
 DVR Search Tool  goo.gl/syv4zs
 How to Videos  goo.gl/YuSCAQ