2M Turnstiles: The Faster, Safer, & More Secure Access Control Solution

Turnstiles are common physical security barriers. You might have come across them in various places like airports, office buildings, train stations, etc. The purpose of turnstiles is to prevent unauthorized people from entering. In order to be granted entry, each person would need to present some kind of credential that authorizes their access. The most common ways would be to scan a key card, punch in a code, or use their fingerprint. However, 2M Technology has improved the turnstile and made it more secure by using a different method: face recognition.


At 2M Technology, we combine the functions of turnstiles with advanced face recognition technology. Instead of having to present a physical card or key for entry, the user will just have to scan their face. This access control method is a more convenient and secure solution because the face becomes a credential that can never be lost, forgotten, or passed onto an unauthorized person. We carry many different styles of turnstiles, but they are all capable of supporting various authentication methods like:

  • Face recognition
  • Temperature reading
  • Mask detection
  • Health screening questions
  • Fingerprint scanning
  • Card readers
  • Paper ticket scanning
  • Coins

Types & Applications of Turnstiles

Even though our turnstiles have the same basic features, each turnstile type will have its own applications and industries that they are more suited for. Here is a quick overview of all of the turnstile types and where you can find each one.


Swing turnstiles are waist-high gates that will either have single or double panels that will swing open when access is granted. These gates are automatic so no contact is needed for operation. Additionally, the width of the gates can be customized to meet ADA regulations. However, caution must be used since the height makes it possible for someone to crawl under or jump over the barrier. Swing turnstiles are more suited for indoor usage and can be found in many places like metro stations, offices, residence buildings, gyms, movie theaters, educational institutions, factories, hotels, and hospitals.


Retractable turnstiles look just like swing turnstiles, but the double panels will retract into the cabinets instead of swinging open. Like swing gates, these are automatic and the width can be customized. These indoor turnstiles are more suited for places that desire a sleek interior like offices, hotels, hospitals, residence buildings, museums, and educational institutions.


Wing turnstiles operate the same way as swing turnstiles, but the panels will appear triangular instead of rectangular. They’re contactless and ADA approved, but more caution will need to be taken since the panel shape provides more crawling room. However, these gates do offer a more aesthetically-pleasing design so they’re often used for indoor areas like hotels, residence buildings, offices, and educational institutions.

Lane Drop-Arm

Lane drop-arm turnstiles are another waist-high option, but they have a single pair of stainless steel arms instead of glass/acrylic panels. When access is granted, the arms will drop down into the cabinets. Their operation is automatic but like wing gates, the open space underneath the barrier makes it easy for someone to crawl under. These gates are mainly used in indoor places such as offices, hotels, hospitals, gyms, and metro stations.


The last type of waist-high gates would be tripod turnstiles. These turnstiles have 3 arms that will rotate to allow someone to pass through. If access is denied, then the arms will lock in place to block anyone from passing. Although they’re an effective deterrent against intruders, they do require the user to touch the bars for rotation and the width cannot be customized. However, their stainless steel construction makes them more durable so they can be used in outdoor places that receive a lot of visitors like public parks, theme parks, metro stations, concert venues, and sports stadiums.


Unlike the other turnstiles that have been previously mentioned, full-height turnstiles will extend the length of a person. These turnstiles offer maximum security because they can’t be crawled under or jumped over. Besides that, the chamber only has enough space for one person to pass through at a time so tailgating is not possible. The gate can either be constructed of glass/acrylic panels or stainless steel arms that will rotate for entry. Like tripod turnstiles, full-height turnstiles are not automatic and will required user contact. But they are durable and offer more security so they can be used in prisons, detention centers, airports, seaports, industrial plants, banks, and military bases.

2M offers a huge range of turnstiles so you can find the perfect one for any purpose and environment. If you would like to see which of our turnstiles would be the best fit for you, then check out our interactive quiz below!

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