Cloud IP Cameras & IFOVEA

IFOVEA & Cloud Camera Packages

We offer flexible plans for IFOVEA, our cloud-based VMS (video management system) software designed to meet any need and budget. When you purchase any of the IP cameras listed below, you’ll get a 1-year license for the software with 1 day of storage retention included. Just choose your preferred camera model, fill out your information, and we’ll contact you with pricing and purchasing details. Additional storage options and license terms are also available for purchase.







Flexible Cloud Storage

Using our VMS cloud software gives you more flexibility and more storage options. All data is stored on a secure online platform with limitless storage capacity that you can upgrade at any time. There’s also no need to purchase or maintain outdated DVRs or NVRs, saving you money and installation time.

Remote Management

All video data is instantly uploaded onto the cloud, allowing you to manage multi-site security systems on one centralized platform that can be accessed from anywhere and at any time via internet-connected devices. You’ll never lose footage and be able to keep watch over your properties 24/7 with the cloud’s 100% reliability.

Intelligent Video Analytics

Go beyond cloud storage with the addition of artificial intelligence-powered video analytics. These analytics are powerful tools that analyze video data in real-time to strengthen security monitoring so you can detect incidents before they happen. They can also be used to extract important business insights that will optimize your operations.

Video Analytics

IFOVEA offers a variety of video analytics that you can add to your plan to automate security monitoring and collect data for business analysis.

Face Recognition

Face recognition detects and accurately identifies people of interest from a predefined list in real-time across all connected cameras.

Deep learning algorithm can identify thousands of different objects in real-time such as people, vehicles, luggage, etc.

Once the object has been detected, the software can track their movement for better incident detection.

Accurately keeps count of the number of people that pass through specified areas each day at certain times.

Visually displays which areas see the most activity and movement from people or vehicles over time.

Industry Solutions & Use Cases

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Don’t just store, see more with IFOVEA, our cloud-based video management software (VMS). Take advantage of our special deal and receive a 1 year license of our software with 1 day recording included when you buy any of our select cameras.

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