License Plate Recognition (LPR) Camera & PLACA.AI

Introducing PLACA.AI

Cloud-Driven License Plate Recognition

Leverage the capabilities of license plate recognition (LPR) technology through PLACA.AI to secure premises, optimize business operations, and manage parking efficiently – all without a specialized LPR camera or physical storage device.

AI-Powered Plate Scanning

PLACA.AI outperforms conventional license plate recognition (LPR) cameras and software in terms of speed and accuracy. It uses artificial intelligence algorithms to refine its recognition capabilities, increasing accuracy as it processes more data. This continuous fine-tuning makes PLACA.AI highly effective at capturing and analyzing license plates across various car speeds, weather conditions, and number plate formats.

Streamlined Security Monitoring

Users can oversee multiple locations through a single platform accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. This centralized management and ease of access enable security teams to monitor premises remotely and respond to threats in real-time.

Comprehensive LPR System with Minimal Hardware

Getting started with PLACA.AI is easy – just connect your cameras to the platform, and begin capturing license plates. The software is compatible with nearly any IP camera, allowing you to incorporate LPR technology into your existing security setup without specialized LPR cameras. Not only that, since all data is stored in a cloud, you can expand your storage capacity without the hassle of installing new hardware.

Go Beyond Security

PLACA.AI does more than just read license plate numbers – it records valuable information about your visitors. In addition to capturing plate numbers, it also logs entry/exit times, vehicle make, model, color, and country/state of registration. By analyzing this data, you can uncover more insights into your customers and business operations, helping you increase profits and reduce inefficiencies.

PLACA.AI Services

PLACA.AI offers 5 different license plate recognition services designed to meet any purpose – whether you’re looking to enhance security or optimize parking operations.

Plate Monitoring

Our Plate Monitoring service is a straightforward solution for capturing and recording license plate information. This service is ideal for maintaining a record of all vehicles entering and exiting your premises, providing a reliable way to track vehicle activity.

  • Record the plate number, make, model, color, and entry/exit times of each vehicle in the area.
  • Flag vehicles of interest and get alerts whenever they're spotted on the premises.
  • Find vehicles in the log quickly by searching with plate numbers or other vehicle attributes.
  • Monitor plates remotely as they are scanned in real time through an accessible dashboard.
  • Playback video footage of scanned vehicles for security and investigative purposes.
plate monitoring illustration

Industry Solutions & Use Cases

PLACA.AI & LPR Camera Package

For a limited time, we’re offering a special bundle deal to help you kickstart the security of your parking facility with license plate monitoring. The package includes:

  • 1x UNV HC121 LPR Camera
  • 1-year license for PLACA.AI (Plate Monitoring only)
  • 1 day of storage retention
  • Free technical support

You also have the option to purchase a different service, additional storage options, or extended license terms along with the camera.

Simply fill out your information, and we’ll reach out to you with pricing and purchasing details.

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