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Recommended Product Catalog

2M’s sales team has carefully curated this selection of recommended products to include video surveillance equipment that is trusted by security industry professionals and end-users alike. 

Perimeter Security Catalog

Laser Perimeter Security Catalog

2M’s Laser Perimeter Detectors eliminate false alarms while providing a more secure and efficient barrier against intrusion and trespassing. 

CCTv Solar Security Solutions Catalog

CCTV Solar Security Catalog

2M’s solar-powered system can be rapidly deployed to provide surveillance to remote areas that lack fixed infrastructure and access to an electrical power supply. 


Plumbing Inspection Cameras

2M’s plumbing inspection cameras make plumbing inspections effortless and more efficient by quickly identifying issues. No more guesswork, no more trenching, and no more hassle! 

Mask & Face recognition heat detection Turnstile gates

Face Recognition and Heat Detection Turnstile Gates

2M’s turnstile gates are equipped with our specialized face recognition access control terminals that can grant or restrict access based on set credentials for increased entry security. 

Explosion-proof Catalog

2M Explosive-proof Cameras, Housing and Accessories

Our explosion-proof cameras, enclosures, and accessories for hazardous can be customized to provide necessary ATEX certified enclosures rated Class 1 Div 1 or Div 2 to any camera brand.


Thermal and Face Recognition Product Catalog

We offer a variety of non-contact and efficient temperature screening systems which can help minimize the risk of infection. Our thermal line includes instant temperature detectors and thermal imaging cameras that are capable of mass-screening.


Traffic and Parking Solutions Catalog

2M’s traffic and parking products are the ideal solution to provide increased protection without sacrificing efficiency.

x-ray scanner catalog

Inspection X-ray Scanners and Metal Detectors

Our inspection line includes a number of devices that can be used to inspect people, baggage, pallets, and vehicles for dangerous items or contraband.

2M LED Catalog

2M Technology LED Display Catalog

2M’s extensive line of LED products enable users to create dynamic and interactive digital displays. The durable but lightweight components reduce installation and dismantling times while enhancing versatility.

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