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2M Technology 2MPTHIP-IR25K Long Range Thermal Series Super Wind Spherical Turret (DISCONTINUED)

  • Advanced 3-CAM technology
  • High-speed image processing chip capable of real-time detection
  • Built T3000ND filter
  • Lens with auto-focus function
  • Automatic color to black function,
  • Through the fog function
  • Intelligent temperature control system, waterproof, thermal design

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This series uses super wind head, laser illuminator, illumination high Refreshing fog camera, high Refreshing fog lens, infrared thermal imaging, made through science, advanced means set, has a background contrast and image definition, the use of high-resolution rate illumination color to black video camera, can be continuously monitored day and night, laser night vision 3000 meters can be found in the character activity, vehicles, facilities and other targets; implement daytime color monitor, the purpose of the night in total darkness environment the same monitor. Thermal imaging using the latest fifth-generation un-cooled infrared technology, the use of 336 * 256 640 * 512 resolution and resolution of un-cooled focal plane imaging detector, high sensitivity, advanced digital circuits and image processing algorithms to provide smoother images , can penetrate the dust, smoke, rain, snow, etc. to achieve all-weather monitoring.

Forest fire prevention, safe city, airport runways, search and rescue supervision, urban high-altitude vantage protect land resources, marine aquaculture, ports, ship-borne and other continuous day and night monitoring sites.

2MPTHIP-IR25K Applications


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