The first line of defense to protect your family, home or business is an effective surveillance or home security. 2M Technology carries a wide variety of surveillance cameras and equipment to provide a perfect solution to any situation. We carry from advanced security camera systems for an office or business to small easy to install all inclusive systems for the beginner. The 2M Technology staff is certified and very knowledgeable who is there to help you with any problems or questions. If you would like some help in deciding on the right security solution, then try out our short quiz below!

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What type of system do you want?

What method of storage will be used?

Would you like to add on video analytics?*

*Video analytics are artificial intelligence algorithms that help detect threats in real-time. We offer face recognition, object detection & tracking, people & vehicle counting, and heat maps. Adding on video analytics will require a subscription plan.

How many cameras will be needed?

What type of environment will the cameras be in?

Do you need night surveillance cameras?

What type of lens will be needed on the cameras?*

*Fixed lenses cannot be adjusted. Motorized lenses can be adjusted remotely.

Which type of cameras would you prefer to use?

2MVIP-4KIR30-E 4K Vandal-resistant Network IR Fixed Dome Camera
2MBIP-4KIR30-GS 4K Mini Fixed Bullet Network Camera

What resolution will be needed?*

*Resolution refers to the image quality. The higher the resolution, the more clear and crisp the image will look. But keep in mind that higher resolutions will require more storage and bandwidth.

If you chose to use an IP system, will the cameras be running back to the same location or multiple?*

*This question refers to whether or not the IP cameras will all be wired and connected to the same device.

If you chose to use an analog system, will the cameras be powered from the same location or multiple?*

*This question refers to whether or not the analog cameras will all be wired to the same power supply.

Surveillance System Quiz
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