Custom Explosion Proof Security Cameras and Housings

2M Technology has been customizing, designing and manufacturing ATEX certified explosion proof security cameras and housings since 2006. Customization involves either using our own security camera specs or third party security cameras.

Custom Explosion Proof Housings

Explosion proof housings were designed using not only 2mtechnology security cameras but also with regular high definition high frame rate cameras such as the Canon ME200S-SH and Photron fastcam camera.

What’s the Customization Process?

Clients send us a rough draft hand drawing of their concept and technical specifications of the housings. 2M technlogy team of engineers designs the housings using Auto CAD. The client usually sends a sample of the cameras they are looking to have them shielded with explosion proof housings. The explosion proof ratings of the housing play an important role in the design. The design might require the housing to be modified according to ATEX or UL requirements. The design is sent back from approval. Once approved an order can be processed. It usually take 6-8 weeks for the first housings. After that 3-4 week is a typical supply time frame.

Explosion Proof Housings for PTZ Cameras

Clients who has existing security camera PTZs required to keep their camera because they matched their current security infrastructure. Many camera manufacturers do not have explosion proof housings in the solution line. Clients, integrator or other security brands come to 2M Technology to design explosion proof housings around the following their PTZ cameras. Below is a list of pan tilt zoom cameras that we have previously designed explosion proof housings around.

  • Pelco PTZ
  • Axis PTZ
  • Arecont VIsion PTZ
  • Avigilon PTZ
  • Panasonic PTZ
  • Hikvision PTZ

Typical Use for Explosion Proof Housings

Explosion proof housings are required for specific environments that might have ignitable gases flowing around in the air. Usually for the dangers of having unforeseen explosions, explosion proof housings are required.

Explosion Proof Housings Structures

Explosion proof camera housings are built using heavy duty stainless steel. The stainless steel can be either 304 or 316L. Due to their stainless steel structures many ship vessels or coast guard use 316L explosion proof camera housings to avoid long term erosions of the camera housings.

If you would like custom-design an explosion-proof security system, then contact us today. Our sales consultants have years of experience and can help you with any unique requirements. If you’re not sure where to start with deciding on an explosion-proof system, then take our interactive quiz below to build your ideal system!

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