Elevate Security With Cloud-Based Security Cameras & IFOVEA

Thanks to technological advancements, we’re able do more things with less time and effort. One technology that has been revolutionizing the security world is the development of cloud-based security cameras. In this blog, we will explore the advantages of cloud-based security cameras and how you can get started with IFOVEA, our cloud software, to secure your business and save money in the long-run.

Advantages of Cloud-Based Security Cameras

In traditional security camera systems, the cameras are connected to a physical recording device, such as an NVR or DVR, that stores the video footage. Cloud-based security systems eliminate the need for these physical devices as all recordings are uploaded and stored in an online cloud. Physical recording devices are effective, but often come with limitations in terms of storage capacity, accessibility, and maintenance.

Remote Accessibility

The main benefit of using cloud-based security cameras is that the video data can be accessed from anywhere and at any time through the internet. With analog security systems, you can only view the recordings from the on-site DVR. IP security systems offer remote monitoring but the number of viewing devices may be limited and you’ll only be able to access one system at a time. Cloud-based security systems are more accessible because you can log into the cloud over the internet from any device. Not only that, you can connect multiple systems to the cloud and be able to monitor all of them through a single, centralized platform.

Flexible Storage

Cloud-based security cameras offer more storage flexibility than traditional security system because there’s no physical recording device that needs to be installed on-site. Physical video recorders only come with a set amount of storage available so if you reach the maximum capacity, you’ll either have to delete or overwrite the old footage. You could opt to buy another DVR or NVR, but you’ll have to spend time on installing it and setting it up with your existing cameras. Cloud-based cameras are a lot more convenient because if you need more storage, all you have to do is pay a little more each month. There’s no additional hardware you’ll have to purchase or install and you’ll never run out of storage.


Setting up a traditional security system can be tedious and frustrating because it requires all of the cameras to be connected to power source and a physical storage device. If you want to add more cameras, you’d have to make sure that there’s enough ports on the DVR/NVR to plug them into and configure the wiring between the cameras, power source, and storage device. Cloud-based cameras are a lot easier to set up because you just need to plug them into a power source and connect them to the online cloud. This online connection gives businesses the ability to expand their security systems with ease since they won’t have to worry about purchasing more storage devices or wiring all the hardware together.

Enhanced Security

Uploading video footage to the cloud provides more protection because it ensures that your data is saved no matter what. You risk losing recordings with traditional security systems because the storage device can be stolen, tampered with, or destroyed. Cloud-based systems automatically upload footage to the cloud so it’ll always be there, even if something happens to the cameras. Another advantage of using a cloud-based security system is that all software and firmware updates are done automatically through the cloud so your cameras stay up-to-date with the latest features, security patches, and improvements.

Video Analytics

One unique benefit of using cloud-based security cameras is that they’re capable of supporting video analytics. Video analytics are advanced algorithms that analyze footage and perform certain functions. Every cloud software has their own video analytics that they offer with different functions. For example, some video analytics are designed to detect threats faster. There are even video analytics that allow you to collect customer data which can be used to make business decisions. Our cloud-based video management software, IFOVEA, comes with the following video analytics:

  • Object Detection: IFOVEA can identify thousands of different objects in real-time such as people, vehicles, luggage, animals, etc. and determine if the object is “abnormal” and a possible threat. For example, the software will be able to determine if detected movement outside came from a potential burglar or from a stray cat.
  • Object Tracking: Tracking the movement of identified objects can further aid users in detecting abnormal behavior and potential threats. Object tracking is especially important in airports where luggage is usually moving and stationary luggage may indicate a bomb threat.
  • Face Recognition: Face recognition allows businesses to detect people of interest from a predefined list in real-time. For example, if a store has been having issues with a repeat shoplifter, they will be able to flag them on IFOVEA and be alerted when they’re detected on the premises so they can take action quickly.
  • People & Vehicle Counting: Since IFOVEA uses object detection and tracking, it can also accurately keep count of the number of people or vehicles that pass through specified areas each day at certain times. The count is more accurate because IFOVEA can identify what if a person and what is a vehicle. This counting information can help businesses determine which areas of the store see more activity to make informative business decisions.
  • Heat Maps: Using the people and vehicle counting information, IFOVEA’s heat maps visually display which areas see the most activity and movement.

Get Started With IFOVEA

Cloud-based security systems provide maximum security and convenience, but often at the maximum cost. Purchasing new cloud-compatible security cameras, monthly service payments, and extra features can all add up to an expensive price. If you’ve been hesitant to upgrade your business security system to a cloud-based one due to the costs, 2M Technology has the solution for you. Our cloud video management software, IFOVEA, offers all of the same features and benefits from other companies, like Verkada, but at a lower cost.

To help you get started, we are offering cloud security camera packages for a limited time. When you purchase any of our cloud-compatible cameras here, you’ll also receive a 1 year subscription to IFOVEA with 1 day of recording retention. We also offer 14 days or 30 days of recording retention for an additional monthly fee if you need more storage.

If you don’t want to purchase new cloud security cameras, IFOVEA is compatible with almost any IP camera. After subscribing to IFOVEA, you’ll be able to connect your existing cameras to the online platform and start recording. Our monthly plans start at $2.99 per camera for 1 day of recording and you can add on video analytics for only $9.99 per camera.

Contact our sales team today to subscribe to IFOVEA or receive more information on how a cloud-based security system can revolutionize the way you do business. You can email us at sales@2mtechnology.net or call us +1 (866) 708-5401

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