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How can I reset the password for the 2M old 8000 Series and 7000 Series NVR?

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This is valid for older models of 2MN-8000 NVR’s and 2MN-7116.

If you have forgotten the password, connect the NVR to the network. Using a computer on the same network, please download SADP Tool and make sure the NVR can be found on the tool. Select your device and a menu will show on the right side. At the bottom, click Forgot Password and a reset password window will open.

Click on Export and email the file to tech support. We will send a file back to you that you will Import File and then create a new password. Make sure you create a Strong password.

This process takes a couple of hours, but the files will be valid for 24 hours. Please make sure the NVR and the computer never disconnect from each other at any time during this process or the process will have to begin again.

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