How to Connect the Temperature Terminal to a Gate

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This article applies only to turnstiles that will have our facial recognition thermal reader (2MTHFR-2M / 2MWTK) terminals installed with the units.

Each terminal comes with a set of attachments that will be used for various parts of a setup. The different sections are:

  • Power input
  • Alarm input/output
  • RS485
  • Wiegand input/output
  • Door lock – magnetic/cathode lock, door status switch, door opening button, power supply
  • USB 2.0

The main section(s) that we will be focusing on is the Door Lock or the Alarm output section. These two have the same basic functions: a COM, a NO (normally open) connection, and a NC (normally closed) connection. For the gate to communicate with the terminal, we only need to work with the COM and the NO connections.

First, we can look at the turnstile itself. It will always have three connections:

  • COM
  • OP-L (open left)
  • OP-R (open right)

Only one of the opens will be used – to either open the gate to the left or to open the gate to the right. For this example, let’s set up the gate to open to the left. The COM of the gate will connect to the COM of the terminal which, according to the schematic, will either be white or white/purple. As for the OP-L connection, you will want to connect it to the NO connection, which will be either brown or white/orange.

Now that both connections have been made, the terminal is able to successfully communicate with the turnstile. The turnstile will lock or open based on the temperature read or based on any other settings that may be set.

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