How to Find the Serial Number Using 2M Tool

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2M Tool is used to find the IP address of your 2M NVR, DVR, or IP camera, as well as limited management of its settings. You only need to make sure that the computer you are using 2M Tool on is connected to the same network as the device that you are trying to search for.

Why do we need the serial number? The serial number is mainly used in case of a customer needing a password reset on their device.

How do we find the serial number? There are a few ways to find the number:

  • sticker on the device
  • sticker on the box that the device came in
  • web page client of the device
  • using 2M Tool

In the case that you forget the password for you device in which you will not be able to access the web page, and the camera is too high up to reach to find the sticker, you can use 2M Tool to find the serial number. 2M Tool does not automatically show the number; you must force it to show. First, you will need to click on the Settings icon to show the options:

Then another window will open where you can select Serial Number to show.

Once you hit OK, the serial number will then appear.

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