How to Set Up Email Notifications

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The 2MTHFR-2M/2MWTK cannot send email notifications from the unit itself, but when connected to 2M Station, the software is able to send notifications for the unit.

  1. When 2M Station first opens, it will show the Control Panel
  2. From the Control Panel → Menu → Client Configuration → Email
  1. Fill out the required information based on the email and email server that you will be using
  2. Some emails have security restrictions (ex. Gmail) that need to be configured to allow other devices to use the email services
Example Settings
  1. Send Test Email after filling out the required information in order to verify that the settings are correct
  2. Once the test email is successful, go into the Access section to enable Send Email
  3. Notifications will be sent when a person has been scanned and if there is an alert for high temperature
  4. In order for notifications to continue being sent, the PC with 2M Station installed needs to be running. If it is turned off or closed down, notifications will not be sent
  5. 2M Station can send notifications from multiple terminals, but the units can only be added onto one station at a time for notifications. If it is added onto more than one station, only the first computer that it was added on will be able to send notifications
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