How to Use External QR Scanner

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This article is applicable to the facial recognition temperature scanners which are models 2MTHFR-2M or 2MWTK.

  • The external QR scanner will require its own 12V DC power supply
  • Connect the RS-485A to RS-485P of the terminal and RS-485B to RS-485N
  • Scan the configuration QR code (can save it onto your phone and scan it)


  • When scanning, you will hear two beeps. Then restart both the terminal and the QR reader
  • Once the devices have come back up, please enter the settings of the terminal through the web page. You will be able to find the IP in the lower left corner of the screen
  • Setup → Common → Ports & Devices → Serial Port → Enable QR code reader
  • Go to the Check Template and select Card
  • Under the Intelligent → Advanced menu: Select Authentication as Door Opening Mode and Private as the QR Code Protocol
  • Under the menu Intelligent → Face Library: Add the Face Info and put the card type as IC Card. The number you input will need to be the same as the QR code you generate in the next step.
  • Use a generic QR code generator to generate a QR code for you to use.
  • NOTE THE FORMAT: The format of the QR code should be a1p + the IC card number
  • EXAMPLE: IC card number = 123456 → QR code = a1p123456

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