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My P2P setup is no longer working. What do I do?

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Please check if your DVR is the model: 2MT-7004, 2MT-7008, 2MT-7016. If it is, then we need to switch your P2P setup to Port Forwarding. Unfortunately P2P is no longer supported for those models. We understand that you might not know how to port forward, so please contact tech support to get help with it.

To confirm that your P2P is no longer working, please check if your DVR shows the message “Can’t Connect Internet” on this menu option: Main Menu > App > P2P:

Before you contact tech support, please make sure you have a computer/PC/laptop connected to the same network as your DVR. This means that your computer needs to be connected to the same router/modem as your DVR. If you do, please download and install the following software: AnyDesk

When you have the software installed, please get the following information from your DVR: Your IP Address and if your device is using DHCP. You can find this information on Main Menu > Network > Basic:

For example, this DVR has an IP: and it also has the DHCP option disabled.

After you have the information taken and AnyDesk installed, please contact tech support and we will help you port forward your device to have it working on your phone/tablet/ipad again.

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