Reducing Rising Car Thefts with License Plate Recognition (LPR)

As of December 19, 2023, the Dallas Police Department has received 18,211 reports of stolen vehicles, a 40.4% increase from 2022. To combat this rising threat, businesses can incorporate license plate recognition (LPR) technology in their parking lots to protect the valuable assets of employees, customers, and the overall community. With this integration, businesses can actively monitor and identify vehicles on the premises, allowing them to detect suspicious activities and effectively mitigate the risk of car thefts.

Reasons for Auto Theft

The surge in auto thefts can be linked to several factors. Firstly, the increasing costs of automobiles have turned vehicle theft into a lucrative business, with individuals targeting cars to sell their parts or entire stolen vehicles to unaware second-hand buyers. Additionally, organized crime rings use stolen cars to commit other crimes. This tactic allows them to carry out criminal activities without leaving behind any evidence that can be traced back to them.

Having an insufficient number of patrolling officers in a given area also affects auto theft rates. Fort Worth’s downtown area is patrolled by a dedicated police unit and private security guards. In contrast, the Dallas Police Department has been struggling with a shortage of officers. A study compared the two cities and they found that within a month, downtown Dallas had 91 auto thefts while Fort Worth only had 2.

Uses of License Plate Recognition (LPR)

License plate recognition (LPR) is a technology that uses optical character recognition (OCR) on images to read and encode vehicle license plates. The technology captures and records license plate data, enabling organizations to track and identify vehicles in real-time.

Identify Suspicious Vehicles

Businesses can use LPR technology to actively monitor and track the vehicles passing through the premises. By analyzing this data, businesses can recognize patterns in vehicle movements, including unusual activities such as a vehicle making frequent visits for short periods of time – a potential sign of car theft. This expansion in monitoring capabilities enhances overall security, allowing owners to identify suspicious movement promptly and implement necessary precautions to prevent potential car theft incidents.

Generate Security Alerts

When a business identifies a suspicious vehicle, they can flag it within the LPR system. This triggers an automated alert for security personnel the next time the flagged vehicle is detected on the premises. After receiving the immediate notification, security teams can intervene by contacting the authorities or confronting the vehicle, effectively preventing further car theft incidents before they occur.

Detect Stolen Vehicles

In addition to identifying suspicious vehicles, businesses can use LPR technology to detect stolen vehicles. By integrating the LPR system with stolen vehicle databases, businesses can receive immediate alerts when a stolen license plate enters their premises. This not only aids law enforcement agencies in recovering stolen vehicles but also facilitates the prosecution of perpetrators involved in car theft.

Track Movement of Stolen Vehicles

In the event of a reported vehicle theft, businesses can review their LPR logs to check whether the stolen vehicle has been on their premises. This information is valuable for law enforcement as it helps track the vehicle’s movement. Analyzing where the vehicle has been allows authorities to identify potential suspects or crime networks, establish any connections to other crimes, and facilitate the recovery of the vehicle for its return to the rightful owner.

Parking Lot Monitoring Solutions from 2M Technology

PLACA.AI is our cloud-based license plate recognition software designed to capture and record license plate data. This software seamlessly integrates with any IP camera, giving you the ability to transform your existing outdoor security cameras into powerful LPR cameras. Through this integration, you enhance the effectiveness of your video surveillance system by automatically logging each vehicle that enters the vicinity. This proactive monitoring not only protects your employees and customers against car thefts but also strengthens the overall security of the community.

However, the cameras around the exterior of your building might not reach all areas of your parking lot. Stationing our solar-powered CCTV trailers strategically in the parking lot extends coverage to these sections. These mobile units come equipped with mounted security cameras that are powered by solar energy instead of grid electricity. This makes them ideal for parking lots where external power sources and electrical outlets are often scarce. Furthermore, the cameras support integration with PLACA.AI, providing a comprehensive view of all the vehicles across the entire parking lot.

As car thefts continue to rise and the number of officers decline in Dallas, businesses can utilize license plate recognition (LPR) technology to assist police departments and mitigate the prevalence of car thefts. This proactive measure not only secures the assets of the business but also emphasizes their commitment to ensuring the safety and security of their employees, customers, and the community. For more information on our parking lot monitoring solutions, please contact the 2M Technology sales team at +1 (866) 708-5401 or at You can also click the links below to start a live chat with a security consultant or sign up for a live demo of the PLACA.AI platform.

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