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If you’ve ever been confused about how to set up or configure any of our products, don’t worry because we have tons of resources available at your fingertips! We don’t just provide you with great products, we also do our best to provide you with great service and post-purchase support.


Most of our resources can be found on the top menu bar of our homepage

Knowledge Base

Our Knowledge Base is our database containing extensive manuals and written how to guides on our NVR, DVR, turnstiles, and thermal devices. This page also includes information about our company and all of our publications. You can even find software downloads, product solutions, and storage calculators here. If you’re looking for any information about our products, it’s most likely in our Knowledge Base.

How To Videos

If you’re a visual learner and find videos to be more helpful, then check out our YouTube channel. We have various playlists dedicated to products such as our face recognition access control terminal, DVR, NVR, and much more. Be sure to explore more of our videos to see the products in action or to learn more about what we offer.


For a more hands-on approach, you could opt to register for one (or all) of our courses. They’re 100% free and cover a few of our products like our NVR, face recognition access control terminal, and body temperature screening system. We even have a course about some basic CCTV concepts if you’re completely new to CCTV and need a place to start learning. After you finish going over the course material, you will be able to take a quiz and earn a certification.


You’ve probably already found the blog if you’re reading this, but we hope that you stay updated with our posts in the future. If you want to know more about the world of CCTV and security besides just how to set up products, then this is the place for you. Our blog covers a wide range of topics like new product releases, technical guides, security technology news, and more.

Technical Support

If you have any questions that none of our other resources were able to answer, then our technical support team is always available to assist you. Our team consists of well-experienced and knowledgeable individuals who will help you tackle any issue or concern.

If you have any other questions or need assistance with something else, be sure to contact us.

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