Storage Options for Solar-Powered CCTV Trailers: On-Premise Storage vs. Cloud Storage

Remote areas such as parking lots and job sites are much like any area in that they require monitoring to protect assets, personnel, customers, and the general public. However, installing video surveillance systems in remote areas is much more challenging because they often lack existing infrastructure for camera mounting and a reliable power source. At 2M Technology, we offer a solution to these issues: solar-powered CCTV trailers equipped with security cameras that run on solar energy. There are two storage options that you can use with the trailers: on-premise storage or cloud storage.

On-Premise Storage

On-premise storage means that video footage is saved on a physical storage device, such as a hard drive located within a recording device like a network video recorder (NVR) or server. On our solar-powered CCTV trailer, the footage is stored within the connected NVR. The cameras on the trailer are linked to this NVR with cables.


Using on-premise storage limits your storage capacity to the size of your hardware. If you run out of storage, the camera will either record over the oldest recordings or stop recording until space is freed up. Increasing your storage capacity is only possible by purchasing and installing additional hard drives or replacing the current one with a hard drive with more storage. When it comes to solar-powered CCTV trailers, opting for on-premise storage might not be the best choice. These trailers have limited space and are not able to accommodate infinite hard drives.


On-premise storage also limits your access to your footage, as you must be physically present on-site to retrieve it. The only way to access the footage is through the trailer’s NVR, making remote monitoring of your property impossible. Additionally, you risk losing all of your recorded footage if your storage device is stolen or damaged.

Costs & Maintenance

If you opt to use on-premise storage with your solar-powered CCTV trailer, you will only need to pay for the initial cost of the trailer and storage devices. There are no monthly fees, but you’ll need to pay for regular maintenance in order to keep your system operating smoothly. Not only that, you may have to purchase additional hard drives if you want to expand your storage capacity in the future.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage eliminates the need for physical storage devices. Instead of sending footage to an NVR, the cameras transmit footage directly to an online cloud via the internet.


The cloud has unlimited storage capacity, allowing you to easily expand your system without having to purchase and connect additional storage devices. Increasing storage can be done just by upgrading your monthly subscription plan with your cloud service provider. Adding cameras to your system is also simple and only requires connecting the cameras to the cloud. As there is no physical recording device, you won’t need to go through the hassle of wiring the new cameras to the device.


Since the footage is stored in the online cloud, you can access your recordings from anywhere with internet connection. This remote monitoring allows you to watch for threats and problems even if you’re not physically there. Additionally, you can connect multiple solar-powered CCTV trailers to one platform for easy video management.

Costs & Maintenance

You won’t need to purchase a physical recording device if you use cloud storage, but you will have to pay for a subscription either on a monthly or annual basis to store your footage in the cloud. However, you will be saving on maintenance costs since there’s no physical storage device to maintain. Not only that, all software updates and security patches are automatically done through the cloud.


For parking lot surveillance systems, opting to use cloud storage with your solar-powered CCTV trailer might be the best option. Despite the ongoing costs, you save time and money in the long run since there’s less hardware to purchase, install, and maintain. If you need an off-the-grid security solution for your parking lot or remote site, contact 2M Technology today to start designing your custom solar-powered CCTV trailer. These trailers effectively secure outdoor areas, and when integrated with IFOVEA, our cloud-based video management software, ensure secure storage of your footage in the cloud. Call us now at +1 (866) 708-5401 or send us an email at!

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