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Entrance turnstiles are often used at facilities and venues to control who is able to enter. Many of the turnstiles we see out in public are tripod or drop-arm turnstiles. These types are useful because they have arms that will lock in place to prevent entry, but they require the users to touch and push the arms to pass through. They’re simple and effective, but not really the method of choice during this time when COVID-19 cases are surging. It could be a hassle to advise people to wear gloves/use their elbow to push through or wash their hands after use. They also require having extra labor to disinfect them which slows down entry. Crowds may form in front of entrances which increases the risk of infection.

Solution: 2M Turnstiles

The solution to these issues is using the new range of turnstiles from 2M. Our new access control turnstiles are contactless and are equipped with mask detection and temperature scanning. Here are some benefits of using these systems:

  1. Cuts down on labor costs: the turnstiles detect mask usage and takes each user’s temperature. This eliminates the need to hire someone to stand at entrances and check each visitor.
  2. Contactless: these gates will open automatically if the user is granted entry without the need for the person to touch anything to push through.
  3. Safer entry: the turnstiles will deny entry to those not wearing a mask or are detected to have high body temperatures.
  4. No tailgating: the gates open and close quickly to ensure only one person passes through at a time.
  5. Saves time: there’s no need to manually disinfect after each use. Furthermore, mask detection and body temperature scanning occurs simultaneously to ensure efficient entry.
  6. More efficient: these gates would be great for high traffic areas because they’re easy to use and quick to determine access.
  7. Face recognition integration: the turnstiles can be integrated with face recognition access controls for restricted areas.


2M’s turnstiles have many benefits and can be used in a multitude of places. If you’re looking for a turnstile for your facility, then take our fun quiz below to see which of our turnstiles would be the perfect fit!

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