Traffic Spikes Drive Parking Lot Security & Traffic Management

Each day, countless individuals travel by vehicle all around the globe. In order to accommodate this much movement, there needs to be an efficient system to effectively manage and secure the constant flow of traffic. Traffic spikes are indispensable tools for ensuring the security of parking facilities, optimizing parking operations, and safeguarding the public from potential accidents and threats, all while streamlining the overall traffic management process.

What are Traffic Spikes?

Traffic spikes (also known as tire spikes, road spikes, one-way traffic treadles, tire shredders, traffic spike strips) are devices that control the flow of vehicles at entry or exit points. They consist of rows of metal spikes or “tiger teeth” that are mounted to or embedded in the surface of the road. The spikes are arranged to allow vehicles to pass over them in one direction while puncturing the tires of vehicles traveling in the unauthorized direction. 

These traffic control systems can also be hydraulic, with the raised spikes stopping vehicles from getting past and only retracting into the ground to allow authorized vehicles through. Regardless of the design, the purpose of traffic spikes is to deflate the tires of unauthorized vehicles, effectively preventing them from breaching entry and exit points.

Applications of Traffic Spikes

Numerous industries use traffic spikes for different purposes. Their applications include enhancing security, managing vehicular flow, and controlling access in various areas.

Prevent Unauthorized Access

One of the primary uses of traffic spikes is to enhance physical security through effective access control. Many parking facilities already use automatic parking gate barriers to restrict access to authorized vehicles. However, it is possible for unauthorized vehicles to breach these barriers by forcefully ramming through the gates. Traffic spikes act as a second line of defense against unauthorized entry. During normal operation, the spikes are raised to prevent unauthorized vehicles from driving through. These spikes retract into the ground only when vehicles present valid access credentials. This adds an extra layer of security that protects secured facilities, parking lots, and other restricted areas from unauthorized entries.

Enforce Compliance at Border Checkpoints

Another area that must prevent unauthorized entry is border checkpoints. At these checkpoints, each vehicle must undergo a thorough inspection process to obtain clearance for entry. This process is crucial to prevent the entry of illegal migrants, weapons, illicit substances, and various other threats into the country. Border checkpoints use traffic spikes to enforce compliance, ensuring that vehicles pass through specific lanes and undergo mandatory security checks before entering. These devices effectively block unauthorized vehicles from attempting to forcefully breach barriers without proper clearance. Overall, traffic spikes are important for reinforcing security measures and protecting the country from potential threats. 

Collect Payment for Tolls & Parking

Toll booths and commercial parking facilities often use traffic spikes to ensure that each vehicle pays the required toll or fee. After receiving payment, the spikes retract into the ground, permitting the vehicle to drive through. If a vehicle attempts to force its way through without payment, the spikes puncture the tires and effectively stop the vehicle from moving forward. Using traffic spikes not only deters non-payment but also streamlines the payment collection process. This improves the overall efficiency and effectiveness of toll and parking management systems.

Control Direction of Traffic

Traffic spikes are also used to control the direction of traffic within parking facilities, ensuring that vehicles enter and exit through designated lanes. The metal spikes are strategically positioned to align with the direction of traffic, allowing vehicles moving in the intended direction to pass over them while puncturing the tires of those going the opposite way. This setup helps manage traffic within the facility efficiently, preventing vehicles from entering through exit lanes or exiting through entry lanes. The combination of separate entry and exit lanes with the unidirectional functionality of traffic spikes reduces the likelihood of vehicle collisions, pedestrian accidents, and congestion at entry points.

Parking & Traffic Solutions from 2M Technology

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