2M Solar Powered CCTV Trailers: Mobile Surveillance for Remote Areas

Often times, people overlook the need for surveillance in remote areas. They believe that the probability of threats are low in these places because there’s less human activity. But in actuality, remote areas probably need even more surveillance than other places because the absence of people make it an attractive location for criminals to carry out their crimes undetected. However, remote areas often lack the necessary infrastructure to support traditional surveillance systems. But it’s areas like these where 2M’s solar powered CCTV trailers are able to shine.

What are Solar Powered CCTV Trailers?

Solar powered CCTV trailers are mobile fixtures that are equipped with solar panels and CCTV cameras attached onto a standing pole. The solar panels harness energy from sun and convert the sunlight into electricity that can power the cameras. These trailers also come with wireless batteries that store excess power that has been generated. This backup power ensures that the surveillance system stays running, even when there’s no sunlight available.

The reason why these solar trailers are so beneficial is because they provide video surveillance to areas where it wasn’t possible before. Installing a traditional surveillance system requires the cameras to be mounted onto existing infrastructure, such as ceilings or walls. Not only that, all of the cameras need to be wired and plugged into an electrical power supply to work. Most of the time, remote areas are vast fields with little infrastructure and no electricity so installing a traditional surveillance system is not feasible.

2M’s solar powered CCTV trailers resolve all of the issues that traditional surveillance systems have. They’re reliant on sunlight for power so they don’t need electricity. They also do not need to be installed on fixed infrastructure because the cameras are already mounted on an attached pole. Everything needed for video surveillance comes on the mobile trailer so it’s ready to use anywhere and within minutes.


Our solar trailers can be used in any place that needs surveillance but lacks electricity and permanent infrastructure. Here are a few of the most common applications.

  • Construction sites: Construction zones are prone to equipment theft and trespassing, but installing a traditional system is not possible because electricity may be unstable and these locations are temporary. Solar trailers do not require electricity or a permanent installation and when the job is finished, it can be transported to the next location.
  • Farms: Farms are usually vast fields with no infrastructure or access to electricity. However, farm fields are often targets of vandalism and even pop-up meth labs. Solar trailers help to monitor for any suspicious activity and can be moved to other areas of interest for flexible coverage.
  • Outdoor events: Events like music festivals and parades need surveillance in case something happens, but these events only occur a few times a year so a permanent security system installation would be a waste. Solar powered CCTV trailers are a better option because they can be set up quickly and can be reused for different events.
  • Parking lots: Parking lots are hot spots for criminal activity and car accidents. But like farms, parking lots can be expansive areas with no nearby electricity source and no surrounding infrastructure. However, these areas do tend to get a lot of sunlight, making solar trailers the ideal security solution.
  • Oil/Gas Fields: In the United States, there is about 3 million miles of pipeline that carry oil and gas throughout the country. Constant monitoring is needed to ensure that everything is functioning properly, but electricity and infrastructure are scarce and it would take way too many security guards to cover that distance. Solar trailers are a better alternative because they can be put anywhere and are self-sufficient.

There are so many additional applications of solar powered CCTV trailers because they’re very versatile and convenient. Although these definitely wouldn’t be suited for indoor usage, they’re perfect for any outdoor purpose. If you’ve been struggling with finding the right security solution for a remote area, then contact us today and finally put your mind at ease.

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