2MX-5030 X-Ray Baggage Scanner

  • Automatic built in test and self diagnosis
  • Threat alert and material classification
  • Auto archiving
  • Energy saving design
  • Drugs and explosives inspection

Note: This is a special order camera. Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

Product Documents

2MX-5030 X-Ray Baggage Scanner Features:
  • Multilingual operation
  • Automatic built in test and self diagnosis
  • Secure access key
  • Threat alert and material classification
  • Auto archiving
  • Energy saving design
  • One key turn off
  • Drugs and explosives inspection
  • Indication of the date and time
  • Baggage counter
Weight771 lbs
Dimensions65.35 × 29.37 × 45.67 in
Unit Weight260 kg / 573.2 lbs
Unit Size (LxWxH)65.35" x 29.37" x 45.67" (in)
Gross Weight350 kg / 771.62 lbs
Packing Size70.47" x 34.25" x 59.94" (in)
Tunnel Size (L x W)503 x 295.5 (mm) / 16.5' x 9.7' ft
Conveyor Speed0.22 m/s
Conveyor Height663.5 mm / 26.1" (in)
Conveyor Max Load100 kgs /
X-ray Dose Per Each Inspection≤3.5μGy
X-ray Leakage<1μGy/h at any point 5 centimeters outside the external surface
Steel Penetration8mm guaranteed
Wire ResolutionDia 0.0787mm copper wire (AWG40) guaranteed
Penetration ResolutionDia 0.202mm copper wire (AWG32) guaranteed
Spatial resolution:Horizontal: dia 1.0mm, Vertical: dia 1.0mm
Power ConsumptionMax. 500W
Noise<60 dB
Film SafetyGuarantee ASA/ISO1600 Film
Anode Voltage80 KV
Ray DirectionUpward
Cooling / Duty CycleSealed oil cooling /100%
X-ray SensorL-Shaped Photo diode Array, 12bit deep
Image Processor24bit real time processing, 4 color analysis, Images displayed marked date and ID No., Count the number of bags
Image DisplayHigh resolution of 1024 x 1280 pixel; Image Grey Level: 4096
Image Enhancement1-16 times enlargement continuity, Color/BW, negative, high/low penetration enhancement, brightening, darken- ing, gray level scan, super enhancement, elimination of organics/in-organics, local enhancement, pseudo color processing, edge enhancement, etc.
Explosives & Narcotics DetectionSuspicious organics highlight (atomic number Zeff=7,8,9)
Suspicious AlarmAlarm and box line the suspicious objects including hard to penetrate material, explosives and drugs
Threat Image Projection (TIP)Insertion of fictional, but realistic images of threaten- ing items into baggage during screening operation, for maintenance of vigilance, as well as training and assessment of image identification capability
Image Recall30 recallable images