3 Uses of Walk-Through Metal Detectors in Manufacturing Facilities

Walk-through metal detectors are often associated with airports and schools, where they’re essential for preventing dangerous weapons from getting in. However, metal detectors have other applications in many different industries. One industry that uses walk-through metal detectors is the manufacturing industry. Manufacturing facilities use walk-through metal detectors to prevent inventory theft, protect workers and assets from threats, and ensure the safety of their workplaces.

Loss Prevention

A lot of high-value products are made of metal such as jewelry, microchips, graphics cards, auto parts, and more. Facilities that manufacture these valuable items are prone to inventory theft by employees. Some employees steal the finished product to resell whereas others smuggle out scrap materials. These instances of theft can add up quickly, leading to production delays and revenue losses. It’s especially crucial to prevent theft now because rising energy costs and disruptions in the supply chain are driving up the price of raw materials. Manufacturing facilities can use walk-through metal detectors to find goods and materials hidden underneath employee clothing or in bags. This helps security teams to stop valuable inventory from leaving the premises and deters future theft attempts. In fact, managers of a wire factory “noticed a 40% decrease in scrap loss of copper wire” when walk-through metal detectors were installed.

Threat Detection

Besides ensuring that items do not leave the premises, manufacturing facilities can use walk-through metal detectors to prevent items from getting in. Internal theft is not the only threat to manufacturing facilities; they are also at risk of external theft and terrorism. Thieves may target these facilities in order to gain access to valuable products or intellectual property. Additionally, they may be targets of terrorist attacks aimed at disrupting the production of vital supplies, resources, or technological devices. Walk-through metal detectors identify potential threats quickly so security teams can intervene and mitigate risks. These devices enable security teams to screen employees and visitors for any concealed weapons before they enter the premises. This ensures that harmful individuals and dangerous weapons are not able to breach the facility, safeguarding valuable assets and operations.

Workplace Safety

While some metallic items may appear harmless, they have the potential to inflict serious damage or harm. Small items like metal fragments, nails, or screws might unintentionally be carried into production areas by employees. These items can accidentally fall into machinery, leading to equipment failure or severe injuries. Not only that, they can contaminate the final product and then unknowingly be sold to consumers. Moreover, some facilities use processes that produce metal fumes. The metal fumes can interact with other metals in the surrounding area and cause a combustion. Manufacturing facilities can use walk-through metal detectors to check each employee for potentially dangerous items before they enter production areas. Doing this protects the employees, equipment, and consumer products.

Protect & Secure Manufacturing Facilities with 2M Technology Walk-Through Metal Detectors

Checking each person as they leave and enter is necessary for protection and security, but this process can be time-consuming. 2M Technology’s line of walk-through metal detectors automate the inspection process. Employees and visitors can get in and get out quickly, while ensuring that prohibited items are not able to enter or leave. The adjustable sensitivity settings eliminate false alarms, allowing manufacturing facilities to customize what items they want to detect. The detector can calibrated to only identify large weapons or even the tiniest of metal fragments. Additionally, they can be moved to any area and set up within minutes. This portability is ideal for manufacturing facilities that constantly change their layout or have special production areas that require additional security.

Our walk-through metal detectors can be tailored to the accommodate the specific needs of your manufacturing facility. We offer ADA-compliant metal detectors as well as ones with temperature scanners to prevent the spread of infections. No matter what your needs are or how large your facility is, we can help. For more security solutions or information on walk-through metal detectors, contact our sales team at +1 (866) 708-5401 or at sales@2mtechnology.net

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