How Metal Detectors Prevent Employee Theft in Warehouses & Distribution Centers

Technology is all around us. Everyday, you use a smartphone to text your friends and family, a laptop to work, a tablet to watch movies at the end of the day. But before these items reach our hands, they are stored in warehouses and passed through distribution centers. Unfortunately, no industry is immune to theft and when high-priced electronics are involved, the risk is higher. Metal detectors can help curb employee theft in warehouses and distribution centers, but without causing long delays or violating privacy.

The Problem

Employee theft is prevalent in any industry and “up to 75% of employees admit to stealing from an employee at least once in their lifetime”. Warehouses and distribution centers often handle valuable goods like electronic devices so the risk of inventory theft is high. Employees can easily smuggle out smartphones or watches, hiding them under clothes or in their bags. Items like these have high retail value so even if theft is infrequent, these instances can add up quickly, leading to significant revenue losses. The best solution for preventing theft is to check each employee before they leave for the day. However, conducting individual pat-downs and bag checks is a time-consuming and invasive process. This can make employees feel violated and frustrated. Not only that, security teams might not be thorough in their inspections to save time, potentially allowing stolen items to slip past.

The Solution

Warehouses and distribution centers can use walk-through metal detectors to spot concealed items that employees may attempt to smuggle out. If a stolen item is discovered, the person responsible can be held accountable, which, in turn, discourages others from attempting theft. Walk-through metal detectors provide thorough, quick, and non-invasive inspections. Each employee can be checked within seconds and without any physical contact. In addition to preventing items from getting out, walk-through metal detectors also prevent items from getting in. By checking employees when they arrive at the start of their shifts, they effectively prevent dangerous items, such as knives or firearms, from entering the premises. This ensures a safe working environment for employees.

Get the Best Performance with 2M Technology Walk-Through Metal Detectors

However, electronics and weapons are not the only things made out of metal. Everyday items like keys or coins can trigger walk-through metal detectors. When this happens, security teams must perform a full-body pat-down of the person to find the item that set it off. It’s crucial to minimize false alarms, as they lead to extended delays. 2M Technology’s walk-through metal detectors are designed for rapid scanning and accurate identification of concealed metallic items. The adjustable sensitivity settings reduce false alarms, allowing you to avoid detecting small metallic items while still detecting electronic devices. Additionally, the metal detectors have different zones that light up to show where an item is detected. This eliminates the need for full pat-downs and enables security teams to focus their search to one specific area of the person’s body.

If you need a plan to secure your warehouse or distribution center, 2M Technology can help. We offer a wide range of ADA compliant walk-through metal detectors with customizable settings and advanced features. No matter your needs or business size, we can secure it. For a tailored security plan or quote, please contact our sales team at +1 (866) 708-5401 or at

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