Container Turnstiles: Portable Access Control Solution for Remote & Temporary Work Sites

Turnstiles serve as access control mechanisms and they’re commonly found in office buildings, transportation stations, and amusement parks. Many different industries need to control access either for security or crowd management purposes. However, not all industries have the same conditions and the same needs. Container turnstiles offer a self-contained access control solution for industries dealing with challenges like limited infrastructure, severe weather conditions, or frequent relocations.

Benefits of Container Turnstiles

As the name suggests, container turnstiles consist of turnstiles housed inside of a shipping container, also known as a CONEX container or CONEX box. These structures combine the benefits of a traditional turnstile with the mobility, durability, and security of a portable container.

Freestanding & Portable

Remote locations typically do not have the infrastructure necessary to support the installation of traditional turnstiles. These areas may be located on unstable ground, making it impossible to drill the turnstiles in place or secure wiring connections. Container turnstiles come with the turnstile pre-installed and securely fixed in the CONEX container, ready for immediate use at the site. Because these structures are self-contained, they can be transported to different locations quickly, making them ideal for temporary events or frequently changing job sites.

Prevents Unauthorized Access

When integrated with access control software, container turnstiles enhance physical security by providing remote and temporary sites with a way to restrict access. The turnstiles verify each person’s access, only allowing authorized personnel to pass through while barring everyone else from entering. By keeping unauthorized individuals out, places like construction sites or cargo ports can protect their expensive equipment from theft or vandalism. Additionally, container turnstiles prevent trespassers from getting in and potentially injuring themselves, which the company can be held liable for.

Tracks Access for Investigations

In addition to preventing unauthorized access, container turnstiles also track authorized access. When access is granted, the identity of the authorized person and the time of entry is recorded. In the event of an incident, security teams can identify the person responsible by reviewing the access logs and seeing who was present at that time.

Records Employee Attendance & Hours

The access tracking functionality also allows businesses to monitor employee attendance and working hours at job sites. When each employee passes through the container turnstile at the beginning of the shift, it records this time as their “clock in” time. Their “clock out” time is recorded when they exit through the turnstile at the end of the day. This ensures that employees are accountable for their attendance and prevents them from overstating their working hours.

Streamlines Entry

Some industries might choose to use container turnstiles for other purposes beyond security. Places that require each visitor to pay an entry fee can use container turnstiles to automate the checking process and streamline entry. Instead of hiring a team to manually check each person for an entry ticket, visitors can scan their ticket at the turnstile. If the ticket is valid, the turnstile’s barriers will rotate or open to let the person through. If not, the barriers will remain in place, blocking them from entering.

Regulates Flow of People

Even places that don’t charge for admission can benefit from using container turnstiles to manage the flow of people coming in. The turnstiles count the number of people passing through, allowing organizations to maintain compliance with occupancy regulations. Additionally, container turnstiles require each person to pass through one-by-one which makes the entry process more orderly and prevents crowd surges.

Protects Equipment & People from Weather

Container turnstiles are usually associated with temporary locations because they’re portable, but even permanent locations can benefit from using them. The CONEX box shields the turnstile from harsh weather conditions, reducing the risk of water damage and corrosion. This not only extends the longevity of the equipment but also ensures its operational reliability. In addition, the container serves as a shelter for the people who use the turnstile, protecting them from outside elements and making the entry process more comfortable.

Applications of Container Turnstiles

Container turnstiles can be used in any industry that requires access control but might face harsh weather conditions, lack existing infrastructure, or constantly change locations. Here are a few applications of container turnstiles:

  • Construction sites
  • Shipping ports
  • Oil refineries
  • Power plants
  • Outdoor festivals
  • Sporting events
  • Fairs and carnivals
  • Open air markets

Custom Container Turnstiles from 2M Technology

At 2M Technology, we offer customizable container turnstiles to fulfill the needs of any business. The turnstiles can be integrated with various of access control devices such as card readers, ticketing systems, and facial recognition terminals. CONEX containers with single or double units, full-height or waist high turnstiles, and ADA compliant entrances are available. You can also choose to add on a small office, kitchen, or toilet cabin to accommodate security staff. To begin customizing your container turnstile solution, contact us at +1 (866) 708-5401 or at You can also use the links below to get a free estimate or chat directly to a security expert.

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