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Construction Site Access Control Turnstiles

Strengthen the security of your construction sites with our access control turnstiles that keep out unauthorized personnel and moves with you to the next project.

2M Technology Container Turnstiles

We offer fully customizable portable containers with attached access control turnstiles for any kind of construction or project site.

Whether you’re looking for a solution to reduce theft, track attendance, encourage compliance, or all of the above, we can design it.



When used with perimeter fencing, container turnstiles secure job sites by restricting access to authorized personnel.


We can design and customize any container turnstile to fit your security needs and meet any site requirements or regulations.


When a project has been completed, the container turnstile can be packed up and transported to the next location.


The turnstiles can be used with various authentication methods and you can add more as necessary for larger work sites.


Construction sites are highly vulnerable to crime such as theft or vandalism due to the lack of surveillance in these remote areas. Not having proper security measures in place could mean the loss or destruction of million dollar equipment and tools. 

When combined with perimeter barriers, our container turnstiles strengthen security by only allowing access to authorized personnel and keeping out anyone else. Additionally, a record of access will be kept for further review in the event that an incident does occur.


Besides improving security, the use of container turnstiles can make work sites safer. Before working on-site, employees may be required to complete safety training courses. If a worker has not completed the training or obtained the necessary certifications, managers can configure the system to deny them entry. 

In addition, our container turnstiles come equipped with the latest face recognition and thermal scanning technology so you can screen individuals for illnesses as they enter and ensure that your work site complies with COVID-19 regulations.


The informal nature of construction sites can cause some issues with documenting each employee’s hours accurately, but access control turnstiles provide a more efficient way of tracking attendance and hours. As employees walk through the turnstiles to enter or leave the site, the time will be recorded. This prevents employees from overstating their hours and reduces payroll costs.

Even though the turnstiles utilize advanced technology, they’re easy to operate and can be integrated with:

  • Any existing access control systems
  • Face recognition
  • Thermal scanning
  • RFID card reader
  • ESD card reader

2MFHT-4C Single Container TURNSTILE

2MFHT-5C Double Container Turnstile

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