Driven to Secure: Stopping Cargo Theft with License Plate Recognition (LPR)

We usually don’t think about how goods get from factories to warehouses to stores, but it’s a long process. Items are carefully packed into cargo containers, loaded onto ships for transport across seas, then unloaded and transferred onto trailers or trucks for the final leg of their journey. While cargo is in transit, it’s vulnerable to theft by criminals seeking to pilfer valuable items for resale. The consequences of cargo theft extend far beyond material losses, causing disruptions in supply chains and financial strains. Fortunately, organizations can prevent cargo theft and reclaim stolen goods with the implementation of license plate recognition (LPR) technology.

Impact of License Plate Recognition (LPR) On Cargo Theft

Businesses with parking lots frequented by cargo trailers can implement a license plate recognition (LPR) solution, consisting of surveillance cameras equipped with LPR software. These cameras are strategically positioned throughout the parking lot or garage, including near all entrances and exits. As trailers drive past these cameras, their license plates are automatically captured and logged by the LPR software.

Identify Cargo Thieves

Cargo thefts are not exclusive to parking lots or garages associated with cargo-related businesses; they can occur in any parking facility. Therefore, it’s essential to monitor all parking lots for potential security breaches. However, relying solely on surveillance cameras may not be enough, as thieves can hide their faces, making it difficult to identify and apprehend them. LPR makes it easier to identify these thieves. Typically, cargo thieves either steal the trailer with the cargo or haul away cargo using their own vehicle. By having the license plate number of either the stolen trailer or the getaway vehicle, law enforcement agencies can track and identify the culprits.

Detect Unauthorized Vehicles

Warehouses, distribution centers, and other cargo-handling facilities can use LPR technology to detect unauthorized vehicles on their premises, which may belong to cargo thieves. Authorized trailers can be registered within the system, while alerts can be configured for unregistered plates. As trailers pass by the surveillance cameras, the LPR software captures their plate numbers and verifies their authorization status. If a vehicle is not authorized, the system sends an alert to security personnel so they can take action. This may include sending personnel on-site to investigate or contacting law enforcement.

Recover Stolen Cargo

Recovering stolen cargo is difficult as thieves often dispose of the goods soon after the crime. However, organizations can use LPR technology to aid in locating the stolen trailer or getaway vehicle and reclaiming the goods. Just as LPR software detects plates not registered in the system, it can also look for plates that are registered. So, if a trailer or cargo container is stolen, businesses with LPR systems can input the associated plate number into their systems. If the plate is detected on the premises, it triggers an alert. This notification allows them to contact the authorities, thus increasing the likelihood of locating the stolen goods.

Cargo Theft Solutions from PLACA.AI

The rise in e-commerce and the expanding scope of globalization has led to an increase in cargo transportation, consequently providing more opportunities for cargo theft. However, we can address this risk by leveraging license plate recognition (LPR) technology. With LPR systems, we can effectively detect unauthorized vehicles, track perpetrators, and speed up the recovery of stolen cargo, thus ensuring the security of our supply chains.

Cargo theft can happen in any parking facility, which is why it’s necessary to have monitoring across all locations. If you manage a parking lot or cargo-handling facility, you can contribute to mitigating cargo theft by integrating PLACA.AI with your existing surveillance system. PLACA.AI is a cloud-based LPR solution compatible with any IP camera, allowing you to record vehicle activity with just a monthly subscription plan. Contact the 2M Technology sales team at +1 (877) 926-2288 or at sales@2mtechnology to start your subscription.

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