Face the Clock: Face Recognition Time Clock Systems at Remote Work Sites

Which picturing “work”, most people imagine scenes from movies depicting an ordinary office worker, hunched over in a cubicle. While some workplaces fit this image, it’s not the reality for everyone. Countless other work environments exist, some outdoors or located far from the city. Regardless of the setting, every employee needs to log their hours. However, the unique nature of these remote locations make it difficult to track attendance. Using face recognition simplifies the process of tracking hours at remote worksites.

Attendance Tracking at Remote Sites

The problem with remote worksites is that they often lack the necessary infrastructure for installing time-clock systems. Not only that, industries like construction are always changing locations, making permanent installations impractical. There are mobile apps that allow employees to clock in and out on their phones, but they can be unreliable. Employees can potentially clock in early or clock out late, leading to inaccuracies and payroll issues. Additionally, they may forget to record their hours, resulting in even more complications. Using face recognition time-clock systems on-site offers a foolproof alternative. It requires employees to be physically present to clock in and out, thus eliminating the risk of dishonesty or forgetfulness.

Face Recognition Time Clock Systems: How It Works

Rather than relying on mobile apps, digital time-clock systems, or punch cards, remote worksites can use container access control turnstiles with face recognition. These turnstiles, which are housed within a portable CONEX box and equipped with face recognition terminals, act as the primary checkpoint at the worksite entrance. When employees arrive, they simply scan their face at the terminal, which then grants them access by opening the turnstile. Their entry time is automatically recorded in the system at the same time. When leaving the site, employees repeat the process, scanning their face to exit through the turnstile, which records their exit time.


The combination of face recognition technology with container access control turnstiles offers a 2-in-1 benefit for enhancing security and tracking employee hours efficiently.

More Efficient and Hassle-Free

Some people believe that requiring each employee to enter and leave through access control turnstiles will cause delays, but face recognition operates quickly. Each face is instantly scanned, making the entry process faster than conventional authentication methods like badges or PINs. Unlike keys or badges, which can be lost or forgotten, the employee’s face is always accessible, eliminating the need for replacements or time wasted searching. With face recognition, employees cannot misplace or forget their credentials, simplifying the entry process significantly.

Secure Entry

In addition to being more convenient, the integration of face recognition access control enhances the security of the entry process. It effectively prevents unauthorized access, as faces cannot be duplicated like keys, nor can they be stolen or shared like ID badges or PINs. This security measure ensures that only authorized personnel are granted entry to the job site. Furthermore, this method provides a reliable audit trail, allowing employers to track who enters and exits the premises at all times. If a security breach occurs, employers can refer to the access logs to identify who might be responsible.

Accurate Verification of Attendance

To clock in or out, employees must scan their face with the face recognition terminal on the access control turnstile. Since the system requires the employee to be physically present, there is no way to manipulate attendance. With face recognition systems, employees cannot ask others to clock them in or out, unlike with traditional time-clock systems. This mitigates the risk of paying employees for time they did not actually work, therefore protecting employers from financial losses associated with inaccurate attendance tracking.

Face Recognition Solutions from 2M Technology

The implementation of face recognition for tracking employee hours at remote work sites offers numerous benefits, including enhanced accuracy, security, and efficiency. Integrating face recognition with access control systems ensures accurate attendance records while reducing the risk of manipulation or fraud. Moreover, the time tracking and access control system comes in a portable container, making it suitable for industries such as construction, mining, and others where traditional time-clock systems may be impractical.

Face recognition is a reliable and innovative tool for streamlining workforce management and boosting productivity in remote work settings. If you’re considering integrating this technology into your job site, reach out to the 2M Technology sales team today to start building your customized container access control turnstile solution. Call us at +1 (877) 926-2288 or email us at sales@2mtechnology.net!

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