Explosion-Proof Cameras in Pharmaceutical Industry Protects Workers & Society

The pharmaceutical industry plays a crucial role in developing, manufacturing, and distributing life-saving drugs. Due to their significance, pharmaceutical facilities are held to rigorous industry standards. Any error or mishap has the potential to jeopardize the safety of both workers and the end-users of the medications. Video surveillance is essential to ensure compliance with stringent safety regulations, uphold quality standards, and provide traceability. However, given the hazardous nature of the pharmaceutical industry, the use of explosion-proof cameras is necessary.

Importance of Explosion-Proof Cameras

Explosion-proof cameras are specifically engineered to operate in hazardous environments. They consist of security cameras that are enclosed in a special housing that prevents explosions from happening. There are two different types of explosion-proof housings. The first type is designed to contain any sparks that the camera might emit and prevent them from igniting surrounding explosive atmospheres. The other type of housing prevents hazardous substances from getting in the enclosure and igniting any sparks.

Reduce Risk of Explosions

The presence of combustible dust, flammable liquids, and high-pressure equipment increases the risk of potential explosions in pharmaceutical plants. Using a regular security camera in a hazardous area is dangerous, as the camera might produce sparks or excessive heat that could ignite the surrounding environment and lead to an explosion. This is why it is important to use explosion-proof cameras. Explosion-proof cameras decrease the risk of the camera triggering ignition with combustible materials, therefore decreasing the likelihood of explosions in pharmaceutical facilities.

Protect Valuable Assets

Video surveillance serves as an important tool for safeguarding valuable assets in pharmaceutical facilities, including proprietary formulations and costly inventories. Explosion-proof cameras provide continuous monitoring, allowing security teams to detect and deter unauthorized access. This not only protects the facility’s financial resources from theft but also prevents the tampering of raw materials and finished products. In the event of a security breach, these cameras record crucial evidence that may assist investigations.

Enhance Personnel Safety

In addition to detecting potential security threats, explosion-proof cameras also detect hazardous situations. In the event of an emergency, the facility can act quickly to carry out safety procedures or evacuate personnel. Pharmaceutical plants can also use explosion-proof cameras to oversee hazardous processes from a distance. This provides protection to personnel by minimizing their direct exposure to potentially dangerous environments.

Ensure Compliance with Industry Regulations

Beyond deterring threats, video surveillance also helps pharmaceutical plants maintain compliance with strict safety and quality control regulations. The explosion-proof cameras provide continuous monitoring, allowing facilities to identify potential safety hazards and deviations from quality control protocols. This guarantees that the facility satisfies safety and quality standards, ultimately ensuring the well-being of both personnel and the final product.

Withstand Harsh Environments

Combustible materials, dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures are typical in pharmaceutical plants. It is important to protect video surveillance equipment from these elements as they can cause malfunctions. Explosion-proof cameras are specifically engineered to withstand harsh environments. The tightly sealed enclosure shields the camera from dust and moisture. Additionally, some cameras are equipped with a heater or blower that regulates the internal temperature, ensuring optimal performance even in extreme heat or cold conditions.

Pharmaceutical Security Solutions from 2M Technology

From reducing the risk of explosions to ensuring compliance with strict regulations, explosion-proof cameras offer a surveillance solution that caters to the unique needs of pharmaceutical facilities. If you’re in need of an explosion-proof surveillance solution, 2M Technology carries a wide range of products, including cameras, enclosures, and accessories. We can also assist you in developing a system specifically suited to your pharmaceutical facility. Additionally, we specialize in designing custom explosion-proof housings compatible with security cameras of any brand or type. This gives you the flexibility to use any camera of your choosing within the facility without compromising safety.

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