Mobile Explosion-Proof Surveillance Solutions for Quarries

Quarries, sites where resource extraction takes place, require vigilant surveillance to protect workers and assets. However, these sites face unique challenges that make installing a traditional surveillance system impossible. There’s a higher risk of explosions, and these areas often do not have reliable electricity or infrastructure. To address these issues, quarries can use solar-powered CCTV trailers mounted with explosion-proof cameras. This not only reduces the risk of explosions but also provides a flexible solution that suits the unique needs of quarries. 

Challenges in Quarry Operations

Quarries have a heightened risk of explosions due to various factors, such as the handling of explosives, the presence of dust particles, and the use of heavy machinery. In non-hazardous areas, there is no issue with using electrical equipment. In quarries, where hazardous substances are present, sparks from electrical equipment can ignite explosions. Additionally, most electrical devices cannot handle exposure to dust, dirt, moisture, and extreme temperatures that are typical of quarries. Using electrical devices that are not specifically explosion-proof in hazardous environments are at risk of causing explosions and equipment failure.

The Role of Explosion-Proof Cameras

Explosion-proof cameras are specifically engineered to operate in hazardous environments like quarries. They consist of security cameras that are enclosed in a special housing that prevents explosions from happening. There are two different types of explosion-proof housings. The first type is designed to confine any sparks that the camera may emit, preventing ignition with the surrounding environment. The other type of housing contains pressurized inert gases that prevent hazardous substances from getting in the enclosure and igniting any sparks.

Mitigates Explosions

The main advantage of using explosion-proof cameras in quarries is their ability to reduce the risk of explosions. These cameras are specifically designed to prevent electrical sparks from igniting the hazardous surroundings. By effectively mitigating the likelihood of explosions, these cameras ensure the safety of both the quarry site and its workers.

Prevents Theft & Vandalism

Explosion-proof cameras not only protect against potential explosions but also prevent theft and vandalism at quarry sites. The presence of these cameras deter potential thieves and vandals since they’ll know that their activities are being closely monitored. This safeguards valuable equipment and resources.

Protects Assets & Personnel

These cameras provide continuous monitoring of the quarry site, ensuring that any suspicious activity or hazardous situations are promptly detected. This early detection of potential dangers enhances safety by allowing the quarry to take action immediately, which may include evacuating personnel.

Wards Off Trespassers

Quarries are dangerous locations with hazards such as falling rocks, landslides, heavy machinery, and steep waters. Explosion-proof cameras are necessary to monitor the area for trespassers. This not only protects the site, but also protects trespassers from potentially sustaining injuries from these various hazards.

Ideal for Harsh Environments

Unlike traditional security cameras, explosion-proof cameras were designed to function in harsh environments. The enclosure shields the camera from elements such as dirt, dust, and moisture that are common in quarries. Moreover, some housings have built-in coolers or heaters that regulate the camera’s internal temperature for optimal performance in extreme temperatures.

Integration with Solar CCTV Trailers

However, installing explosion-proof cameras at quarries is impossible due to the absence of reliable electricity and existing infrastructure. A viable solution involves integrating explosion-proof cameras onto solar-powered CCTV trailers. Doing this eliminates the need for existing infrastructure, as the cameras are mounted directly onto the trailer unit. Furthermore, these trailers don’t require electricity, relying instead on solar energy to power the cameras. 

Flexibility & Mobility

Quarry sites require surveillance systems that are flexible because these areas often undergo constant changes in topography due to excavation processes. There’s no installation process involved with solar-powered CCTV trailers so they can be deployed anywhere. This mobility allows quarries to reposition the trailers and adjust their surveillance coverage to adapt to the ever-changing terrain.

Continuous Monitoring

Solar-powered CCTV trailers can operate continuously as long as there is sunlight, ensuring uninterrupted surveillance coverage. If there’s no sunlight, the trailer will use excess solar energy stored in the backup battery. This is particularly advantageous for quarries that have round-the-clock operations.

Low Maintenance

Traditional surveillance systems require a lot of maintenance due to their extensive wiring for power and connectivity. Solar-powered CCTV trailers are more low maintenance as everything is contained to a single unit and they don’t require connection to a power source. This feature is especially beneficial for quarries as it can be difficult to dispatch a CCTV technician to these remote locations to perform maintenance.

Custom Explosion-Proof Cameras & Solar Trailers from 2M Technology

The hazardous nature of quarries and lack of infrastructure makes it necessary to use explosion-proof cameras in conjunction with solar-powered CCTV trailers. At 2M Technology, we can seamlessly integrate any explosion-proof camera with our solar CCTV trailers. We can even design custom explosion-proof housings for security cameras of any brand or type. This grants you full control, allowing you to use any camera of your choice on the solar CCTV trailer. Some of our custom designs are readily available for production, including the Arecont Vision AV20565DN, Axis M3057, Panasonic AW-UE70, and Verkada CF81-E Fisheye.

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