Harnessing Video Analytics to Optimize Security & Business Operations

Anywhere you go, you’re guaranteed to come across at least one security camera. A majority of businesses depend on video surveillance to secure their premises. However, many do not realize that their cameras are collecting important data that goes beyond security. Video surveillance not only records incidents, but captures a complete view of the area and everything in it. With the use of video analytics, businesses can extract insights from this video footage to secure and optimize their operations.

Introduction to Video Analytics

Video analytics use artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to analyze video data in real-time. The system is continuously fed data and “learns” to recognize abnormal behavior and identify objects. To illustrate, think about your own learning process. Just by observing your surroundings, you are able to pick up on things without someone teaching you. For example, you learn how to act in public and how to tell the difference between an elephant and a giraffe. All of these things are not taught to you in school, you learn from exposure. Video analytics work the same way. It learns to recognize patterns, objects, and events, offering actionable insights that go beyond mere observation.

Enhanced Security

The most common use of video analytics is to enhance security monitoring. Instead of just recording events, video analytics proactively detect suspicious activity and threats. Using object recognition and tracking, the system is able to identify suspicious items, such as unattended bags or loitering vehicles. It can also detect unauthorized people entering a restricted area or walking around the building outside of normal business hours. Facial recognition is another video analytic and allows businesses to identify banned individuals or known criminals on the premises.

Automated Monitoring

Video analytics automate the monitoring process, catching threats from real-time video data and sending alerts to security teams so they can intervene. Video analytics can actually be more effective than on-site guards when it comes to monitoring. Security guards have to monitor multiple camera feeds simultaneously for hours and as a result, they’re prone to missing threats. Video analytics eliminate human error no threat goes undetected.

Reduced Costs

Implementing the use of video analytics saves businesses money, time, and resources. Automating the monitoring process reduces the need for a large security team to oversee the video feeds. Additionally, its ability to identify different objects helps to eliminate false alarms. For example, it can determine if movement was caused by a person or a non-threatening stray animal. Filtering out false alarms ensures that security teams only respond to real threats so time and resources are not wasted.

Optimized Business Operations

Video analytics also provide important data that businesses can use to optimize their operations. Retailers can keep count of the number of people in a checkout line so they can know when to open another lane to avoid long delays. Tracking the amount of people also helps businesses to determine peak times so they can schedule additional staff during those times. Additionally, video analytics identify high-traffic areas so managers can optimize the store’s layout to increase sales.

Efficient Traffic Management

Besides optimizing business operations, video analytics can also be used to optimize traffic management. By counting the number of vehicles in an area over a set time, agencies can make informed decisions on minimizing congestion. This may include changing traffic signal timings or allocating resources to build new roads. Video analytics can also alert authorities of an influx of vehicles at entrances or exits so someone can be sent there to direct traffic. It can even detect car accidents so help can be dispatched to the scene quickly.

Go Beyond Security with IFOVEA

Video analytics is important for surveillance and data analysis. It not only enhances security but also increases efficiency, decreases costs, and influences data-driven decision-making. It’s a powerful tool that businesses and organizations can utilize to create safer, smarter, and more efficient environments. Don’t let your video footage go to waste and use IFOVEA to convert your recordings into impactful insights. We offer affordable, flexible plans for any business of any size. If you would like to subscribe or receive more information, you can contact our sales team at +1 (866) 708-5401 or at sales@2mtechnology.net!

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