4 Business Applications of License Plate Recognition That You Might Not Know Of

The most common use of license plate recognition (LPR) is to add an extra layer of security. Capturing license plate numbers enable businesses to track every vehicle that passes through in case anything happens. Some businesses even use LPR as a secure method of access control. However, LPR has more applications besides security. License plate data is often overlooked, but businesses can use it to improve their operations and uncover important insights.

Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns

A vehicle’s license plate can reveal a lot of information, including where the vehicle is registered. This gives businesses insight as to where most of their customers live and what their preferences might be. Using this information, they can develop marketing strategies that will appeal and resonate with their customers. LPR data can even be used to attract new customers. Stores can compile a list of vehicles that regularly drive past and send out promotional mail and coupons to them since they would be more likely to redeem them. Additionally, stores can use LPR to track the results of their marketing campaigns by monitoring new or repeat customers.

Enhance Customer Experiences

Loyal customers are important as they provide businesses with continuous revenue. LPR can turn occasional visitors into lifelong patrons by enhancing the customer experience. With LPR, hotels can see when important guests arrive so they can send out staff to greet them and take baggage. Other businesses can use LPR to pull up profiles of loyal customers when they arrive so they can tailor the service to the customer needs.

Manage Customer Parking

Most people don’t consider parking when thinking about the customer experience, but the parking situation can make or break a business. If a potential customer is not able to find parking nearby, they will probably leave and never come back. LPR can help businesses with limited parking keep spots open for their customers. If a store enforces a maximum parking time, they can use LPR to track each vehicle’s parking time and tow those that go over the allotted time. If the store has designated spots reserved for their customers only, they can use LPR to identify vehicles belonging to customers of surrounding businesses.

Streamline Business Operations

Since the pandemic, curbside pickup has become a popular shopping method for customers. LPR can streamline this process and reduce waiting times. When the customer places an order, they also register their license plate number, Upon arrival, the LPR scans the plate and notifies the retailer so they can dispatch the order to the corresponding vehicle. Auto shops can also benefit from using LPR. When the customer schedules a service appointment online, they can describe their issue and register their car. Once they arrive, their plate scan will pull up all of their information so the mechanic has an idea of what the customer needs beforehand.

Optimize Your Business with PLACA.AI

License plate data is important for many things, not just security. Implementing a LPR system enables businesses to understand their customers better so they can develop strategies and processes that enhance their experiences. If you own a business, PLACA.AI can help you uncover important insights and increase customer satisfaction. Start planning your business solution today and contact the 2M Technology sales team at +1 (866) 708-5401 or at sales@2mtechnology.net!

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