Hidden Costs of Not Upgrading Your Security Camera System

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” That’s a saying that many people abide by, especially when it comes to surveillance systems. If your current security camera system is working just fine, why bother with an upgrade? After all, investing in a new system can involve hefty expenses: new equipment, installation costs, software fees, and more. However, what most people don’t realize is that not upgrading an outdated system can be just as expensive. These aging setups can drain your company’s time and resources and, worse yet, fail when you need them most. Here are some of the different ways your outdated surveillance system might be costing you.

Decreased Efficiency and Productivity

Outdated security camera systems can be a drain on efficiency and productivity. These systems may lack advanced features such as remote monitoring, high-resolution imaging, and intelligent video analytics. Without these capabilities, security personnel may struggle to effectively monitor and respond to security threats. As a result, incidents may go unnoticed or unresolved, leading to potential losses and disruptions to business operations.

Increased Maintenance and Repair Costs

Aging surveillance systems are prone to malfunctions and breakdowns, which may require frequent maintenance and repairs. The cumulative costs of servicing outdated equipment can add up quickly, taking up valuable resources that could have been allocated elsewhere. Furthermore, manufacturers of older systems may have discontinued support or ceased producing replacement parts, resulting in increased maintenance costs and downtime due to the difficulty of sourcing replacement components.

Limited Storage Capacity

Over time, you may accumulate more and more footage that you wish to retain, making it necessary to expand storage capacity. With older systems, the only option for increasing storage is by purchasing additional hard drive discs. However, many of the latest security cameras offer cloud storage capabilities. By connecting these cameras to a cloud platform, footage can be securely stored there. This allows you to increase your storage capacity simply by changing your cloud storage plan, eliminating the need for investing in extra hardware.

Higher Risk of Cyberattacks

Upgrading also affects cybersecurity. The older the system, the more likely it is that it has vulnerabilities that make it susceptible to cyberattacks and unauthorized access. This is because hackers have had more time to identify and exploit weaknesses to infiltrate networks, compromise data, and disrupt operations. By neglecting upgrades, businesses inadvertently expose themselves to significant security risks, including theft, fraud, and data breaches, which can have far-reaching financial and reputation consequences.

Upgrade Your Surveillance System with 2M Technology

Many CCTV users hesitate to upgrade their systems because they feel like the investment isn’t worth it when their current one is still functioning. However, by not switching, they risk losing more money in the long run. If you’re needing to make a change, 2M Technology has a team of highly-skilled installers, sales people, and technicians who can help you upgrade your surveillance system. Give us a call today at +1 (877) 926-2288 or email us at sales@2mtechnology.net.

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