How Surveillance Systems Can Mitigate Mail Carrier Robberies

Over the past decade, there has been an alarming uptick in both the frequency of mail carrier robberies and the number of carriers being held at gunpoint. The rise of online shopping and the growing volume of parcels have made postal carriers prime targets for criminals seeking to make financial gains, sparking concerns about the safety of postal workers and the security of mail delivery services. Solving this issue requires a collaborative effort involving law enforcement, the community, postal service organizations, and technological advancements, with surveillance systems representing just one aspect of the solution.

The Current Problem

According to the Associated Press, there were 643 postal carrier robberies last year, “an increase of nearly 30%”. While some perpetrators target the mail itself, others are attempting to seize the United States Postal Service (USPS) master keys, known as “arrow keys”, which opens mailboxes. By stealing mail, these thieves are able to pilfer its contents, which may include valuable items such as gift cards, cash, checks, or consumer goods, leading to immediate losses for the victims of mail theft. However, an even bigger issue is that victims who send or receive legal documents through the mail can be vulnerable to identity theft.

We also can’t forget the impact these robberies have on postal carriers. Victims of these attacks can suffer from psychological trauma that lingers for years. Even those fortunate enough to avoid assault express fear for their safety as they carry out their daily deliveries, knowing they are potential targets for thieves. The USPS is already struggling with a shortage of letter carriers, and the prevalence of these robberies further discourages potential recruits from pursuing this role. Addressing the issue of mail carrier robberies isn’t just a matter of ensuring the safety of personnel; it’s also vital for sustaining the uninterrupted flow of mail deliveries which countless communities rely on.

The Role of Surveillance Systems

Installing surveillance cameras around hotspots and mailboxes is one measure that communities can take to reduce the number of postal carrier robberies.


The presence of visible security cameras around the area can act as a deterrent to potential thieves, who understand that their actions are being recorded and have a higher risk of being caught. Knowing that they are more likely to face consequences for their crimes discourages them from targeting mail carriers or tampering with mailboxes. Consequently, this results in fewer robberies of postal carriers and, subsequently, fewer victims of mail theft.

Remote Monitoring

Postal service or law enforcement agencies can use surveillance cameras to remotely monitor mail carrier routes and mailbox areas in real-time. This capability allows them to detect any suspicious activity or emergencies immediately and respond accordingly. As a result, mail carriers will feel safer, knowing that someone is watching over them and prepared to provide assistance if necessary. Not only that, this proactive approach helps organizations to mitigate the repercussions of incidents before they escalate.

Evidence Collection

If a letter carrier robbery were to happen, the recorded footage from security cameras serves as crucial evidence for identifying perpetrators and supporting prosecution cases. Furthermore, it deters potential criminals from engaging in unlawful activities due to the increased risk of detection and punishment. Additionally, these recordings help law enforcement agencies in conducting thorough analyses of the events leading up to the robbery, allowing them to identify areas that require improvements in security measures and preventive strategies.

Crime Prediction

Law enforcement agencies can also analyze video footage to identify patterns in the thieves’ movements, including which specific mailboxes they target. With this information, authorities can make strategic predictions of potential future targets, thus increasing the chances of intercepting them before they strike again. By staying one step ahead of criminals, law enforcement can effectively protect mail carriers and prevent more incidents of theft.

Surveillance Systems are Only Part of the Solution

While surveillance systems are effective for reducing mail carrier robberies, they do not stop them completely. Merely installing extra security cameras in hotspots should not be viewed as the sole solution to this issue; instead, it should be part of a comprehensive strategy that includes measures like:

  • Replacing the arrow locks with electronic smart lock systems that require dual authentication, which will render the keys unusable by thieves.
  • Strengthening laws and enacting harsher penalties for those who assault mail carriers to discourage future attempts.
  • Installing high-security blue collection boxes that prevent tampering and make it harder for thieves to steal mail.
  • Spreading awareness about mail carrier robberies to encourage people to report any incidents and keep on eye on their carrier.
  • Providing regular safety training sessions for mail carriers that teach them awareness of their surroundings and how to respond to threats.
  • Conducting regular audits of master keys and enhancing employee screening procedures to mitigate the risk of mail carriers selling their keys to thieves.

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The issue of mail carrier robberies is complex and requires more than one solution. Nevertheless, the implementation of surveillance cameras brings us a step closer to achieving our goal of protecting letter carriers, mail recipients, and the integrity of the postal service. By strengthening security measures with the use of surveillance systems, we can mitigate mail theft and improve the safety and reliability of mail delivery services for all.

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