Authentication Methods

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  1. Temperature Verification only
  2. Face Detection + Temperature
  3. Face Recognition + Temperature
  4. Face Recognition + Temperature + Card Access

Temperature verification: the terminal will check whether or not a high body temperature is present. If a high temperature is detected, a warning will sound and access will be denied.

Face Detection: detection is just “detecting” that a face is present in the camera view. A face library is not required for this option. Temperature detection will also be enabled.

Face Recognition: recognition is “recognizing” a face. A face library is required for the terminal to be able to match a face from the camera view to a face in the face library. Temperature detection will also be enabled.

Face Recognition, Temperature, and Card Access: When this option is selected, all three factors must be verified in order to grant access. The person must have been added into the library, have a normal temperature, and have the card number in the library matching the card that they are scanning on the card reader.

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