Why is my 2MITD constantly reading temperatures?

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The 2MITD is supposed to only read temperature once and it will not alarm again until another temperature is read, but there are some times where it might constantly be going off. If this happens, please check:

  1. The surroundings of the unit
  2. The placement of the unit
  3. The sensor
  4. Distance detection range

Surroundings of the Unit

There should not be anything blocking the front of the 2MITD. Please make sure that there is ample space in front of the unit to where it will not cause false readings. If the unit is installed in a crowded area, please make sure that people passing by not scanning their temperature keep a distance of about 1.1 meters away from the unit or else it will give a false reading.

Placement of the Unit

If the unit is placed on a desk or table, it needs to be set on the edge or else the surface will cause a constant false reading. The image below shows the range of the sensor, and you can see that it will be hitting the surface when it is set further back.

The Sensor

As mentioned earlier, there should not be anything blocking the sensor which includes any dust particles. If the unit keeps going off, please wipe the sensor to make sure that there is nothing on it. You might also need to check that the sensor is not exposed to any strong lights or glass reflections.

Distance Detection Range

By default, the distance detection range is configured for 150 mm, but the value will show as “0200” in the menu. This is because the distance = value in the device – 50. If the unit is constantly going off, please lower the distance detection range by entering the menu using password 1111.

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