How to Batch Upload into the Face Library

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The Face Library gives you the choice to upload a person one-by-one or in batches. For a batch upload, it requires you to first download a template which can be accessed through the web page → Setup → Intelligent → Face Library → Export Template

The template will need to be unzipped from the file, and it will be a .csv file. Only two fields are required to fill out: Number and Name, but if you wish to fill out the remaining fields, the template also allows for:

  • Face Picture: file path with file type (ex. C:\Users\Public\Pictures\employee.jpg)
  • Card Type: IC Card
  • Card No. 1 and 2
  • Time Effective and Expiration
  • Time template name
  • Comments

Once you have finished filling out the template form, it will need to be uploaded into the Face Library by doing Batch Import.

If any of the uploads fails for any reason, the terminal will give you the option to export the failure import information record. It will also show a description of why the import failed.

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