How to Configure Settings for Card Reader Access Control

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3rd-Party Card Reader:

Make sure the Wiegand protocol is either 26 or 34, and make sure that all of the connections are correct. Once that information has been confirmed, then you will be able to log into the terminal to configure the settings to read the external reader. Using Internet Explorer, type the IP address of the unit into the search bar (can be found on the lower left of the unit screen), and then a log in screen will appear – log in using the password that the unit prompted for you to create when first setting it up. Go into the Setup → Common → Ports & Devices → Wiegand Interface → Choose the correct protocol and format according to your system

After the Input/Output has been set → Intelligent → Face Library → Edit Library → Make sure Open Door and Wiegand Output are checked

Built-In Card Reader:

Configuring for the built-in reader is more simple than configuring for a separate one because there is no issue with checking protocol and having to connect extra wires for a reader. You will only need to verify Open Door when there is a Success Linkage Configuration.

But for each choice, the Face Library will have to be configured with the correct person and their respective card numbers. The number saved into the system and the number being read by the reader must match or else the terminal will not grant access, even if all other factors are successfully read.

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