How to Configure for Motion Recording

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Motion Recording is when the cameras record only when motion is detected in the camera view. It is recommended to set recording up this way because it greatly saves storage space for more video, and makes it easier to find an event when searching through playback video.

Steps to Configure Motion Recording

The first step to configuring recording based on motion is to set the recording schedule. This tells the DVR what to record and when. In order to find the schedule go to the Main Menu Storage Record Plan.


The Plan will show colors with a legend at the bottom that will tell you what each color means.

  • Green Normal Recording: recording all the time
  • Yellow Motion Detection: recording when there is motion
  • Red Alarm: recording when an alarm is triggered

In order to set the schedule you only need to select the channel you want to set and click on the Setting button next to the row. It will open another window that shows the three different recording options, the days of the week, and different periods. By default, everything is set to normal recording. To set for motion you only need to check the boxes down the column for MD and check Select All for the days of the week. Period is for 24 hours a day by default. Hit App. (apply) and OK.


The last few steps you need to take to finish the configuration is to make sure the channel is set to actually detect motion. Go back to Main Menu Channel Detect


Make sure the alarm type is Motion Detect and that Enable is checked. By default, the area is set to full screen and Working Period is 24/7. Linkage Config is configure any notifications for motion detection. Hit App. and OK.

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