How to Configure Settings for Each Verification Method

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There are various verification methods to give access through a terminal and to the door system, but each method requires a different configuration.

1. Temperature Verification Only
To configure for temperature verification access, you will need to log into the menu of the terminal itself by holding your finger down on the screen until the login screen appears. Then you will log in using the password that you had set when first setting up the unit. Once the menu has been pulled up, go to Authentication Scene and select Temperature Measurement.

2. Temperature Verification with Face Detection
This method will follow the same steps as for method 1 beginning with logging into the terminal itself. Under Authentication Scene, you will need to select Temperature + Face Detection.

  • For the wrist model, 2MWTK, the terminal will not prompt for a person to take their temperature until a face has been detected in the screen

3. Temperature Verification with Face Recognition
This method can be configured either through the terminal itself or on the terminal web page, but the Face Library requires to have people registered in order to have something to compare the person to. On the terminal itself, under Authentication Scene, choose Temperature + Face Recognition. This option can also be configured through the web page which can be accessed by typing the unit’s IP address into the search bar of Internet Explorer. After accessing → Setup → Intelligent → Check Template/Auth Schedule → Select Face → Copy to all days and save

4. Temperature Verification with Card
Any kind of card access will need to be configured through the web page of the terminal, including adding a card number and setting the door to open with a valid card number. In order to add a card number → Intelligent → Face Library → Add. Then a window will show prompting for employee number, name, card type (IC Card), and card number. The option to add a second card is offered as well.

After the card number with its respective employee has been registered, go to Check Template\Auth Schedule and select Card. By default, temperature is already set up for door access, so only Card needs to be checked. Copy to all and then Save.

5. Temperature Verification with Face Recognition and Card
This method will be the most secure because it requires three authentication steps before opening the door; if any of these steps fail, the door will not open.

  1. Make sure the temperature is below the configured threshold
  2. Make sure the face being read is registered in the Face Library
  3. Make sure the card number being read is registered in the Face Library to the specific person standing in front of the terminal

The steps to adding an employee will be the same as in step 4: Face Library. You will need to make sure to include a photo with the person that is being registered; the registration window will include a section for that. Then under Check Template/Auth Schedule, select Face and Card.

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