How to Upgrade the Firmware

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This article applies to the models: 2MT-4004, 2MT-4008, 2MT-4088, 2MT-4016, 2MN-8004-P4, 2MN-8008-P8, 2MN-8116-P16, 2MN-8232-P16.

Every now and again, we will release a new firmware update that can either hold new features for your unit, bug fixes, or a bit of both. We have made it simple to request the newest firmware so that there is no need to wait for a file to be sent. First, you will need to make sure that your device is connected to the internet so that the NVR will be able to communicate with our servers.

Method 1: From the NVR Interface

Then you will go into the Main Menu and click on Maintain. There will be a section for Upgrade.

There are two options for upgrading:

  1. Local Upgrade: this option is only good if you already have the firmware file loaded onto either a USB to plug directly into the device or if you already have the firmware file in a location on the computer which you are using to upgrade the device
  2. Cloud Upgrade: this option is good if you do not already have the file on hand. It will automatically read the current version and detect if there is a newer version available

You will most likely want to choose the Cloud Upgrade option unless you have received the firmware file from Tech Support beforehand. Click Cloud Upgrade, and wait for the device to finish its search. It will either notify you that the current version is already the latest, or it will show a newer version, and the Upgrade button will highlight at the bottom of the screen.

The upgrade time will vary between 1-5 minutes, sometimes lasting longer depending on the size of the update. Once the update has finished, the device will automatically restart. It will be ready to use again once it has fully finished the reboot.

Note: Please make sure that the device does not disconnect from the network or from power because it can cause a risk in damaging the unit if there is a failed update.

Method 2: From the Web Interface

The NVR can be updated from its web page if there is no monitor connected to the unit, or if it cannot be physically accessed. From the web page, you will navigate to Setup → Maintenance → Maintenance → Cloud Upgrade → Detect or Check for Update. The process is the same as it is from the unit itself, and the same rules will apply.

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