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How to Sign Up for Star4Live Account

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Star4Live is the server that we use to view NVR and camera footage over the web. Each customer needs to have an account to view and manage their devices.

This is only valid for models: 2MT-4004, 2MT-2008, 2MT-4088, 2MT-4016, 2MN-8004-P4, 2MN-8008-P8, 2MN-8116-P16, 2MN-8232-P16 and our IP cameras.

  • Clicking on this link will direct you to a new page that will prompt you to fill out information in order to create an account
    1. Username
    2. Email → Acquire: will send a code to the email entered
    3. Verification Code: code that was sent to email. NOTE: If you have not received anything in your inbox, please also check the Spam folder.
    4. Password
    5. Confirm Password
    6. Service Agreement
  • Once all the information has been correctly filled out, click Register and your account will be ready to use.
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