Using QR Code Opening

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The terminals have the ability to open the door based on a generated QR code. The user can generate a QR code from a 3rd-party app and scan it on the terminal in place of physical cards.

In order to set it up for QR code opening:

  1. In the Face Library, input a card number for a person
  2. On a QR code generator, input the same card number for the person
  3. You must put “a1p” before the number when generating the code (if only inputting the number to generate, the terminal will not be able to recognize the code)
  4. Must enable the QR code option in the web page
  5. Setup → Common → Personalization → Custom Button → Display QR Code.
  6. The terminal reader can only detect the QR code from 60-70 cm away

You can download QR code generator apps on your phone or use ones online.

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