How to Allow the Software to Take and Save Snapshots

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The 2MTHBB-3823 is able to take and save snapshots onto a computer that has the Inspection System software installed on it, as long as the camera has been configured to read the computer. There are two options for connecting it:

  1. Computer IP address is
  2. Computer has been configured to reach multiple networks

In the settings of the camera, there will be a section for an Intelligent Server connection, and it will ask for a Server IP. By default, the server IP is already set to, so if the computer IP has been set for this first method then no changes will need to be made. If the computer has been configured to reach multiple networks, then the Server IP will need to be changed to the IP address of the computer being used.

For example:

The computer has an IP address of, but the cameras are on the network of 192.168.1.X, so the computer network has been changed to reach both of those networks. The server IP will need to be set to instead of

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