Why am I not hearing a voice from my 2MITD?

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The 2MITD is supposed to voice a response when a temperature is read in order to let the user know if their temperature is normal or if it is abnormal. There are a couple of reasons why the voice might not work:

  1. Voice volume is turned down too low
  2. Temperature reading mode is wrong

Both issues are simple to troubleshoot as they both just involve adjusting certain settings.

Voice Volume Turned Down Too Low

For this issue, you only need to enter the menu with the password 1111 and focus on the first option that appears. The volume range is from 0-3 with 0 being mute and 3 being the loudest level it can be. Please adjust the volume so that it can be louder and then hit Enter to save and exit the menu.

Wrong Temperature Reading Mode

For the second issue, you will need to enter the same menu with the password 1111. Continue moving through the menu options until you reach the sixth option where it will only allow you to choose between the options 4 or 5. This is the Temperature Measurement Mode.

  • 4: measuring ambient temperature
  • 5: measuring body temperature

You need to make sure that the measurement mode is on option 5 to measure body temperature. Press Enter to save and exit the menu, and you should be able to hear the voice after reading temperature.

If neither of these two methods fix the issue, then please contact our tech support team for further instruction.

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