How to Prevent Jugging with Video Analytics & LPR

Since the start of COVID, officials have been warning us about the increase in catalytic converter theft. Disruptions in the supply chain brought on by the pandemic caused prices for catalytic converters to skyrocket, but this theft has been on a decline due to falling prices and tighter restrictions. Now, a different kind of theft has been quickly growing in Dallas – jugging. This type of crime directly robs people of their money, meaning that jugging will always be an attractive theft option since it doesn’t involve selling an item with variable value. However, we can deter jugging by closely monitoring areas with cloud-based video analytics and license plate recognition (LPR).

What is Jugging?

Dallas police reported that there’s been an uptick in jugging crimes, with 143 cases already this year. Jugging is a crime where a criminal waits for someone leaving a bank or other financial institution and threatens them to hand over their recently withdrawn cash. Some thieves entrap victims in the parking lot by blocking in their vehicle to prevent them from leaving. Jugging most commonly occurs at local banks, but it can also happen at any cash checking place or any business with an ATM. In some cases, the thieves follow their victim to another location and ambush them there or break into their car when they’re out of sight.

Jugging Prevention Tips

To avoid becoming a victim of jugging, individuals should hide any bank bags or money envelopes when leaving the bank. They should also be aware of their surroundings and keep an eye out for any suspicious activity, such as a backed in vehicle with people in the parking lot, someone observing a drive-thru ATM, or anyone loitering outside of entrances. As they drive out of the parking lot, they should watch closely to ensure that they’re not being followed. If they have a place that they go to regularly after visiting the bank, it’s suggested that they change up the route and never leave cash in the car. 911 should be called immediately if they suspect they’re being followed.

Monitoring Jugging With Cloud-Based Software

While it’s important for each person to stay vigilant, banks and businesses should also adopt active surveillance practices to ensure the safety of their visitors. Most buildings are already equipped with security camera systems, but integrating them with cloud-based video analytics enhances their monitoring abilities. Video analytics are algorithms that process recordings in real-time to perform security-related functions. IFOVEA is a cloud-based software that offers video analytics and can be used by businesses to detect potential thieves on the premises. For example, IFOVEA’s object tracking analytic can detect unusual movement, such as a person standing around for a long time or a vehicle circling the lot which may indicate that they’re waiting for a potential jugging victim. When suspicious activity is detected, the system will send an alert to security personnel so they can intervene before the suspect is able to act.

Jugging can also happen in parking lots, so it’s crucial to extend monitoring systems to these areas. PLACA.AI is another software designed for integration with security cameras, but it uses cloud-based license plate recognition (LPR) to capture plate numbers and store that information in an internal database. Reviewing this log helps businesses to identify and flag frequently detected vehicles that may be scoping the area for potential jugging attacks. If that vehicle is ever detected on the premises again, the security team will be notified so they can take immediate action. Additionally, capturing plate numbers is useful for investigating jugging cases. If there’s been a jugging attempt, the business can provide authorities with the suspect’s vehicular information so they can identify the vehicle’s owner or track their location.

Stop Jugging With Solutions from 2M Technology

Jugging is on the rise but it can be stopped with active monitoring. IFOVEA and PLACA.AI provide comprehensive surveillance of all areas so you can detect potential threats immediately and take action before they do. To subscribe or receive more information, please contact our sales team at or call us +1 (866) 708-5401!

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