Upgrade Parking Lot Security with Solar-Powered CCTV Trailers

When you walk into any store or public building, you may notice a security camera in every corner. Careful consideration is always taken when securing the inside of buildings, but parking lots often remain overlooked, making them prime targets for criminal activities. Furthermore, car accidents and disputes are bound to happen in parking lots but without any witnesses, there’s no way to quickly resolve issues. However, solar-powered CCTV trailers harness the power of the sun to keep a vigilant eye on parking lots, ensuring the safety of businesses and their customers alike.


What makes solar-powered CCTV trailers unique is their ability to use the sun’s energy to function. These trailers are equipped with solar panels that collect sunlight and convert that energy into electricity to power the mounted security cameras. Traditional surveillance systems have to be plugged into an electrical power source that rely on energy from burning fossil fuels. Using solar energy is much better for the environment than fossil fuels because it’s a renewable energy source and does not create carbon emissions that contribute to global warming.


Even though the upfront cost is more expensive than traditional surveillance systems, investing in solar-powered CCTV trailers can save businesses money in the long-run. All of the necessary surveillance equipment comes with the trailer so there’s no need to spend money or time on mounting the cameras and installing electrical wiring. And unlike electricity, solar energy doesn’t cost anything so there won’t any ongoing expenses from electric bills. In addition, the continuous monitoring provided by solar-powered CCTV trailers means that businesses can cut labor costs by not having to hire security guards to patrol the lots at all times.

Rapid Deployment

Solar-powered CCTV trailers are designed to be portable, making them ideal for monitoring parking lots that frequently change. There’s no installation process involved since all of the surveillance equipment is already mounted to the trailer so they can be moved from one place to the next. This mobility allows businesses to adapt to evolving parking patterns and provide optimal coverage to any area that needs it. Whether you need to focus on a particular section of the lot or make room to host special events, these trailers can be quickly deployed whenever and wherever necessary.

24/7 Surveillance

Solar-powered CCTV trailers do not require electricity to work so they’re able to provide round-the-clock surveillance, even during power outages. If there’s no sunlight available to generate solar energy, the trailers will use excess power that has been reserved in the backup batteries. This continuous monitoring deters crime and gives businesses the ability to detect potential threats quickly so they can take control of the situation. If an incident does occur, such as a robbery or a hit-and-run, authorities can investigate using footage recorded by the solar-powered CCTV trailer.

Remote Access & Alerts

Remote monitoring is a capability offered by most solar-powered CCTV trailers and it allows business owners to access live footage and recorded events from anywhere they are and at any time. They can even set up real-time alerts to be notified of any suspicious activity or breaches as they occur. This level of connectivity and close surveillance enhances parking lot security by allowing businesses to detect and respond to potential threats quickly.

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Securing parking lots is just as important as securing the interior of buildings. Solar-powered CCTV trailers are the ideal solution for monitoring parking lots because don’t require an electrical power source or installation on existing infrastructure, which parking lots often lack. In the long-run, using solar-powered CCTV trailers will save you time, money, and the environment. If you’re interested in purchasing a trailer or would like more information, contact the 2M Technology sales team at sales@2mtechnology.net or call us +1 (866) 708-5401!

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