Rapid Deployment Surveillance System

When people think of CCTV systems and security cameras, they typically only think about their usage inside of stores and other buildings. However, crime does not only happen indoors. Crime can occur in outside areas like construction zones, parks, stadiums, etc. All of these places need monitoring, but installing a traditional surveillance system is not always possible because an electrical power supply may not be available. Not only that, some places, like construction sites, are always going under structural changes or moving locations so a permanent CCTV system is impractical. The solution to all of these problems is a rapid deployment surveillance system.

What Is a Rapid Deployment Surveillance System?

A rapid deployment surveillance system is a type of CCTV system that can be installed and used, or deployed, quickly. They can also be referred to as temporary deployment surveillance because they’re meant to provide temporary monitoring to areas where a permanent CCTV installation is not possible. But what makes this type of surveillance system so special? There are a few key features that make this system useful for many purposes and areas.


One of the features of a rapid deployment surveillance system is that it does not need an electrical power source. Some systems may come with cameras that are battery powered, solar powered, or powered by an attached generator. At 2M Technology, we carry a new line of mobile solar trailers. These trailers come with solar panels that power the attached security cameras. Since they don’t need to be plugged in anywhere, they can be used in areas that don’t have access to electricity or where cabling is not possible.

Another benefit of these systems is that they do not need any supporting infrastructure so they can be installed in minutes. A traditional surveillance system needs to be mounted onto walls and ceilings and it can take hours to make sure everything is wired and plugged in properly. With our solar trailers, everything you need for surveillance comes on a mobile trailer and all of the cameras are already mounted onto an attached pole. All you need to do is position the trailer where you want and start recording.

The biggest advantage of a rapid deployment CCTV system is their mobility. Since there’s no permanent installation or existing infrastructure needed, these systems can be placed anywhere and moved from place-to-place as needed. These systems are called rapid deployment surveillance systems because they can be moved anywhere to easily and quickly provide security.


But why would you even need to use a rapid deployment surveillance system? The average consumer probably wouldn’t need to use these systems, but they are needed in a lot of different industries. Let’s say that you own a construction company and your company has been struggling with equipment getting stolen in the middle of the night. You need a CCTV system to resolve this issue but there’s no power supply on the worksite or anything for the cameras to be mounted on. Not only that, your project is almost complete and you’ll be moving onto the next location soon so it would be a waste to install an extensive CCTV system. You could hire security guards, but the worksite is large so you’d have to spend a lot of money on hiring a lot of guards. What you could use instead is a rapid deployment surveillance system in the form of a solar trailer. These don’t require an electrical power supply or mounting so they can be installed quickly and easily. In addition, you’ll be able to transport it and reuse it for different sites.

Rapid deployment surveillance systems are also a staple for public outdoor events, especially outdoor music festivals or sporting events. These kinds of events usually only last a few days out of the year but they still require monitoring in case any incidents arise. However, these events can take place in large, remote areas where the infrastructure needed to support a traditional surveillance system does not exist. In addition, since they only last a few days, it would be impractical to install a complete CCTV system. Using a solar trailer would be a better option because they can be installed quickly and reused for different events.

Although rapid deployment surveillance systems are usually thought of as a temporary solution for temporary locations, they can be used permanently on temporary structures. For example, many roads and city areas need monitoring because they may be susceptible to crime such as illegal dumping or gang activity. However, these areas can go through many structural changes over time and it would be a hassle to uninstall a permanent installation every time the area goes under reconstruction. A solar trailer or another type of a rapid deployment surveillance system would allow cities to monitor events on a daily basis but be able to relocate them if necessary.

Rapid deployment surveillance systems are defined by their ability to provide fast and mobile monitoring to areas that are not able to support a traditional surveillance system. Even though they are not used by the average homeowner since a regular CCTV system would suffice, they have a presence in many different industries to make our outdoor activities and events safer. If you’re interested in a rapid deployment surveillance system, then contact us today!

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